US Bank Routing Number

Are you a US Bank account holder? Find the correct routing number to ensure your domestic or international wire transfer accurately reaches its destination.

US Bank routing numbers

StateRouting number
US Bank Arizona122105155
US Bank Arkansas082000549
US Bank California, Northern121122676
US Bank California, Southern122235821
US Bank Colorado, Aspen102101645
US Bank Colorado102000021
US Bank Idaho123103729
US Bank Illinois, Northern071904779
US Bank Illinois, Southern081202759
US Bank Indiana074900783
US Bank Iowa, Council Bluffs104000029
US Bank Iowa073000545
US Bank Kansas101000187
US Bank Kentucky, Northern042100175
US Bank Kentucky, Southern083900363
US Bank Minnesota, East Grand Forks091215927
US Bank Minnesota, Moorhead091300023
US Bank Minnesota091000022
US Bank Missouri081000210
US Bank Missouri, Western101200453
US Bank Montana092900383
US Bank Nebraska104000029
US Bank Nevada121201694
US Bank New Mexico107002312
US Bank North Dakota091300023
US Bank Ohio, Cleveland041202582
US Bank Ohio042000013
US Bank Oregon123000220
US Bank South Dakota091408501
US Bank Tennessee064000059
US Bank Utah124302150
US Bank Washington125000105
US Bank Wisconsin075000022
US Bank Wyoming307070115
US Bank in all other states091000022

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US Bank routing numbers for wire transfer

The routing number for Citizens Bank for wire transfers is 122235821. For an international wire transfer, it’s important to have both the wire routing number and a SWIFT code for US Bank.

Type of wire transfer Routing number
International Wire Transfer 122235821
Domestic Wire Transfer 122105155
Where to find a US Bank routing number on a check

For checking accounts, your US Bank routing number is located in the bottom-left corner of your check.

How to find a US Bank routing number online

To find your US Bank routing number online, here are some methods:

1. US Bank online banking: Access your US Bank routing number by logging into your account.

2. Fedwire: You can find your routing number via the official Fedwire website.

Which US Bank routing number should you use?

The US Bank routing number you should use depends on the state in which you opened your account and the type of transaction. Every state has its own routing number, and there may be different numbers for direct deposits and wire transfers.


US Bank Routing Numbers


The information provided in this guide is intended for general informational purposes only. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information, banking policies and fees may be subject to change. Users are strongly advised to verify specific details and consult with their banks should they have any questions or concerns.Instarem assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions in this guide, or for any actions taken based on the information provided herein

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