How to go for a 3D2N in Bali under SGD750

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03 Feb 2023
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Written by Team Instarem

Bali Indonesia is the perfect place for you and your friends to go on an exciting budget trip together. Also known as the ‘island of gods’, you experience paradise and so many wonders all merged into one, at an insanely affordable price. Bali is the place for you if you’re looking for a short yet sweet and fulfilling getaway to reward yourself for the year-end (or year-start). By the end of this blog, you will be well-informed on what to do in Bali 2023 so be sure to catch every detail!  

Pre-flight prerequisite 

If you are wondering about Bali travel restrictions, Bali entry requirements or Bali VTL, here it is! Currently, fully vaccinated travellers (at least 14 days before departure) are no longer required to undergo PCR tests. However, you would still need to download the PeduliLindungi app, which functionality is akin to the Singaporean TraceTogether app, and then upload your covid-19 vaccination certificate onto the app.   

For more information, check out the latest travel regulations to enter Bali. 

Weather in Bali 

There are 2 seasons in Bali, each with its own pros and cons. 

Wet season – November to April 

This is commonly asked: ‘What is the weather like in Bali in December?’ Although there are some exceptions, rain in Bali doesn’t last the whole day, and usually amounts to only a few hours. Some negatives are that there’s heavier traffic congestion, a higher likelihood of floods happening and more dengue mosquito breeding.  

However, the positives of the monsoon season are the cheaper flight tickets, places like the beach and tourist sites being less crowded, and cheaper accommodation prices since it’s the off-season period. Furthermore, with greater rain comes even greater waterfalls and even better white-water rafting experiences! Your enjoyability in Bali is not discounted in spite of the rainy season and visiting Bali during this period is still nothing less than worth it. 

Dry season – May to October 

Here comes the most tourist-packed season of the year, as tourists make full use of the low rainfall season to participate in many outdoor activities. The negatives are mainly on how the cost of travel would be much more expensive along with the fact that the beaches and popular attractions would be jam-packed with other tourists.

However, the positives are that the beaches are cleaner, there are fewer mosquitoes, fewer traffic jams and lower chances of flood.  

To decide which season is best for you to travel to Bali, it would depend on several factors like your budget, and the activities you’ll be doing whether it’s more outdoor-based or indoor-based. 

Flights to Bali

Being on a tight budget, one of the first few concerns would be the price of the Singapore to Bali flight and the subsequent price of travel to Bali from Singapore. Well, as stated above, the flight prices between November to April are much more affordable as it’s the off-season period, especially between January to March. 

Here’s a breakdown of flight ticket prices relative to the months: 

Month Economy (round trip) Premium (round trip) 
December From S$265 From S$750 
January From S$220 From S$600 
February From S$210 From S$600 
March From S$210 From S$325 
April From S$230 From S$520 

Airfares are taken from Cheapflights on 4 Nov 2022. 

Transportation in Bali 

Getting around Bali is actually very convenient, as long as you aren’t the one driving or taking public transportation. A twist – yes, but not a bad one! Because the alternative of taking a taxi or hiring a private driver is still very cheap.   

Self-driving a car is not recommended because if you think that the roads are as easy to drive as that of Singapore, it is a world of difference. There are many motorcycles competing with you on the narrow road and you have little margin to manoeuvre around. You’re guaranteed to save yourself great peace of mind if you were to just leave it to the locals to do both the navigating and driving. 

As for public transport, if you have limited time to spare and want to use your time to the fullest in discovering Bali, then the bus would not be a good choice. Although their buses do offer a wide variety of routes, the bus intervals are pretty inconsistent, and you most likely need to change buses several times to reach your destination, which gets especially time-consuming. Unless you’re planning to have the truest budget experience with ‘sitting and waiting’ being your main itinerary, public transport is not recommended.   

So… What’s the best way to travel around Bali? 

Gojek / Grab 

This one is pretty controversial… but it works! If you don’t already know, the locals in Bali aren’t great fans of Gojek/ Grab because they’re seen to disrupt the local taxi economy. As such, you may see places with signs put up, stating “No GrabTaxi, GoCar Allowed”. Although hiring a Gojek/ Grab is disfavoured by locals, you can still hire a motorbike through Gojek through those prohibited places, which is often what the locals or tourists do. 

As to why Gojek and Grab are deemed illegal and resented by locals it is because those local drivers are part of cooperative communities called “Banjar”, you can think of it as groups of small Kampongs with a governing system. Those taxi drivers have a higher fare rate because part of their earnings goes to funding the “Banjar“ they are in, like fixing the roads and more. As such, having their business affected by Gojek and Grab puts the well-being of not just themselves, but also their “Banjar” at a disadvantage.   

Private car hire 

This is the most recommended method as it offers the greatest convenience, is not resented by locals, and you can get to know more about Bali by having conversations with the local driver. It is really affordable too! For a 6-hour private charter, it only costs you S$33.85… what a deal right? In Singapore, taking a 30mins Grab is equal to a good $20 straight out of your pocket at the least (sigh). Book your private car hire via Klook.

Rent a motorbike 

A warning – this is not for the faint-hearted. Just like what we mentioned above, the challenge of driving in Bali is a great step up from that in Singapore. However, if the kiasu spirit in you dares you to take up this challenge, please make sure to wear a helmet, keep your belongings safe with you from road thieves, and make sure to not wear loose clothing. 

Accommodation in Bali 

From Bali resorts to Bali villas, to Airbnb in Bali, they all never fail to give you a gush of enchantment the moment you step into the place. With most of the building structure being made of wood, bamboo and straw, it gives off a very distinct earthy atmosphere to it, with you feeling like you’ve become one with nature – something that is hard to experience in Singapore’s cityscape environment. Of course, if you are the type who loves modern architecture, there are also hotels which carry a more luxurious and minimalist look. 

The table below lists the variety of accommodations, ranging from luxury hotels to traditional stays to dorms: 

Location Place of accommodation Price per night 
Ubud Ubud Tropical From S$13 
Ubud Sabana Ubud From S$91 
Ubud Sapodilla Ubud From S$113 
Canggu Serenity Eco Guesthouse Serenity Eco Guesthouse From S$14 
Canggu Kos One Hostel From S$36 
Canggu The Calmtree Bungalows From S$78 
Canggu Shore Amora Canggu From S$144 
Seminyak HARRIS Hotel Seminyak From S$40 
Seminyak Ramada Encore by Wyndham Bali Seminyak From S$48 
Seminyak Lloyd’s Inn Bali From S$83 
Seminyak Courtyard by Marriot Bali Seminyak Resort From S$189 
Seminyak Potato Head Suites & Studios From S$428 
Seminyak W Bali Seminyak From S$490 
Kuta Hard Rock Hotel Bali From S$191 
Kuta The Anvaya Beach Resort Bali From S$220 
Nusa Dua Club Med From S$352 
Jimbaran AYANA Resort Bali From S$418 

Depending on your budget and the type of accommodation you choose, your cost varies. However, if we were to take a very budgeted look into it, for 3D2N, the amount you spend is from S$28 and up per night. 

Places to eat in Bali 

It’s time to take the Balinese food in Singapore to a new level of authenticity. Dig into the scrumptious delicacies Bali has to offer while being in tune with the Balinese atmosphere, and the local views. There are many places in Singapore which serve Bali’s delectables, like Bali on the cove, Cumi Bali and Bali Lane, or even your Bali Nasi Lemak but hey! why not bring your Balinese experience up a notch and dine in Bali itself? It is also cheaper over there. 

Here’s a list of must-eats in Bali: 

Location Restaurant Average price per meal 
Seminyak Boy’N’Cow ~S$60 
Seminyak Waroeng Bernadette ~S$10 
Ubud Ely’s Kitchen Ubud ~S$8 
Ubud Herb Library ~S$8 
Canggu Da Romeo Restaurant ~S$10 
Canggu Finns VIP Beach Club ~S$20 
Nusa Dua Raja Bali Restaurant  ~S$15 
Nusa Dua Mr. Bob Bar and Grill ~S$15 
Kuta Bale Udang Mang Engking ~S$10  
Kuta Warung Chef Bagus ~S$10 

Average meal price in Bali = ~S$10 

Things to do in Bali

Bali has tons of activities to offer. When we think about Bali, many of us would automatically think of the Instagram-worthy picture spots and their beautiful beaches, but that is merely the tip of the iceberg of Bali’s charm. Given the rich and diverse culture Bali has alongside its dynamic landscape, you’ll find yourself learning something new about Bali every step of your way.   

We know you are spoilt for choices, so here is a list of some popular places that we would recommend you visit in Bali: 

Location What to do in Bali Price per pax  
Ubud The Yoga Barn From S$15 
Ubud Karsa Spa From S$60 
Ubud Sukawati Market From S$2 
Ubud Bali Swing Pioneer From $21 
Ubud Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary From S$9 
Kuta Flame Spa Sunset From S$120 
Kuta Waterbom Bali From S$40 
Kuta Uluwatu temple From S$3 
Seminyak Seminyak Beach Free 
Sanur Sindhu Market From S$0.50 
Sanur Sanur Beach Free 
Tembuku Tukad Cepung Waterfall From S$1.50 
Nusa Penida Kelingking Beach Free 

Budget breakdown  

Here’s where the true flex is at – spending under S$750 for the trip of your life.  

Flight to Bali From S$210 
Car hire (3Days, 10hours each) From S$101 
Accommodation From S$28 
Food From S$72 
Shopping & Activities ~S$300 
Total From S$711 

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