4 Reasons You Don’t Want To Miss Gifting Your Sister This Rakhi

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03 Aug 2017
3 mins read
Written by Team Instarem

She doesn’t just want a gift, she demands it! The Rakhi may or may not have reached you, but what you have already is a list of gifts she wants this time. In all probability, she has exercised her right to a Rakhi gift and sent you a list of outrageous demands. If you are an Indian expat, sitting miles away from home, you aren’t sure whether this makes you nostalgic about the festival or triggers the panic mode 😉Regardless, you will probably make sure she gets what she wants. Here are 5 reasons why.

1. You Will Hear No End Of It For Years

History has it that you have never been able to convince her to accept something that wasn’t on her wishlist. You probably remember it from a time when you tried to give her a gift of your choice, or worse … forgot to get her a gift on the day of the Rakhi (even if it wasn’t your fault and the delivery service messed it up). Do you still hear of it?

2. You Wouldn’t Want To Miss A Chance To Pamper Her

Her demands are usually outrageous. But neither does she shy away from putting them across nor is she ever willing to reconsider. While that might be infuriating at times, you’d have her no other way. Whether it requires going for one less dinner with friends or reconsidering a shopping spree for yourself, you’d do whatever it takes to make sure she has what she wants. Or at least the nearest substitute, which then, you hope and pray, she agrees to.

3. You Like It When She Flaunts Your Gifts

At the outset, she is going to complain about how the gift could have been better or how that’s not exactly what she wanted. And then she will go out and flaunt the gift to the entire universe — be it the neighbours, her friends, the maid, her colleagues, or her boss — everyone will hear of what you gave her for Rakhi. And you secretly love that, don’t you?

4. It Makes You Feel Closer To Home

As a kid, you’d probably save up your pocket money for months leading to Rakhi and got your sister a gift. When you started working, the sister probably thought you have become a millionaire and that you had to get her something she wanted. And now that you are miles away from home, you wouldn’t like to break this tradition as takes you back to the best days of your life. While we, at InstaReM, may not be able to help you get your darling sister the gift she wants, but it can surely help you let her have it her way. Now you can transfer her money so that she can buy whatever she likes! Visit InstaReM, to get going.

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