How to get a job in the USA from India 2024: (5 easy steps)

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21 Feb 2024
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Working abroad comes with a variety of perks. From global exposure and higher salaries to endless opportunities to grow your professional career, you can enjoy all these benefits by securing a job in powerful countries like the USA.


When we mention powerful economies, the first country to come to our mind is the United States of America (USA). The American Dream is a popular phenomenon across the globe. Perhaps the most commonly asked question by Indian job seekers is, “Can I get a job in the USA from India?”

The answer is YES!

With the correct knowledge and skill set and a strategic approach, you can secure a suitable job in the USA from India. Want to know more about how to get a job in the USA from India? Read on!

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How to get a job in the USA from India?


  • Step 1: Identify job opportunities. 
  • Step 2: Build an American-style resume.
  • Step 3: Apply on USA job websites.
  • Step 4: Seek visa sponsorship.
  • Step 5: Apply for a suitable visa category.

Do you know?

  • Payroll employment in the USA went up by 2.7 million in the year 2023.[1] 
  • The unemployment rate in the States remains unchanged at just 3.7%. [2] 
  • There is an increase of 5.7% in the median weekly earnings over the year ending in the second quarter of 2023. [3] 

How to get a job in the USA from India – 5 Easy Steps

Step 1: Research the USA job market


Applying for an employment opportunity abroad is not the same as applying for a domestic job role. Most candidates make the mistake of applying for abroad roles without even understanding the employment landscape, which later results in rejections. 


Every country has a different job market. The industries thriving in your home country can be the least growing sectors in a different country and vice-versa. 


So, before sending out your job application to US employers, take enough time to research and understand the US job market. This will help you identify and select the most thriving industries that align with your skills and qualifications. 


The company’s hiring (or the job market) depends a lot on the country’s overall GDP growth, the sector and industry it belongs to, the future prediction of the country’s economy, upcoming trends, etc. Hence, you should be aware of multiple factors that may affect your chances of securing a job in a foreign land.


Step 2: Draft an American-style resume and cover letter

The next step is to build an American-style ATS-friendly resume. It is another important step that will play a critical role in helping you get selected by a USA employer. ATS stands for Applicant Tracking System.


It is software used by companies and recruiters to track job postings and select candidates that match their criteria the best. If your resume does not pass through the ATS, it will not reach your potential employer, regardless of how talented you are. 


This is the reason why it is strongly recommended to create an ATS-friendly resume, preferably by using an ATS resume template. 


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Step 3: Apply on USA job portals

Once your CV and cover letter are prepared, you can register yourself on the USA job portal for Indians and other nationals. You can also create accounts on other USA job websites such as Indeed, Monster, etc. 


These platforms post hundreds of job roles from different industries. All you need to do is update your resume as per the job role and follow the simple application procedure. 


Make sure to apply for as many jobs as you can to increase your chances of getting hired. Meanwhile, you can also reach out to your connections and US-based recruiters via networking platforms such as LinkedIn. 


Step 4: Request sponsorship

After your resume gets shortlisted, you will be invited for remote interviews. Once you get selected, you can request sponsorship from your employer. 


In most cases, employers readily sponsor the candidate, after which they can apply for a suitable work visa. Even if you don’t have a sponsorship certificate, you can proceed with the visa application with your USA offer letter. 


Step 5: Initiate the visa process

The last and most critical step is to initiate the visa process. There are various types of US work visas available for Indian citizens. All you have to do is choose the right visa type, understand and fulfil the requirements and file your visa application. Once submitted, it can take 2-6 months to get approved. If you don’t want any delays or rejections, make sure to submit your visa application correctly and carefully.


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Work in USA from India – Best job opportunities for Indian candidates


In-Demand Occupation

Growth Rate (2022-23)

Annual Median Salary (2022)

Computer & IT research scientists



Software developers



Physician assistants



Nurse practitioners






Information security analysts



Medical and health services managers



Data scientists






Operations research analysts



Source: U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics

Eligibility for jobs in the USA from India


  • Offer letter: Having a USA offer letter is an important requirement for obtaining a work permit. You can only proceed with a visa in the presence of it.
  • Educational qualifications: Different jobs in the US have different requirements and eligibility criteria. Most employers require at least a bachelor’s or master’s degree from the candidates. 
  • Skills and work experience: Some job roles may require additional qualifications and skills. So, check the job requirements carefully before applying. 
  • Health requirements: It is mandatory to submit a medical certificate for work visas. Typically, there are no other major health requirements. However, it depends on the employer and the sector you wish to work in.
  • English proficiency: English is the official language of the United States. Therefore, you must be proficient in the language to work and live in the country. Although IELTS or TOEFL are not mandatory, a lot depends on the employer’s policy to understand your language proficiency. 

Work permits and immigration processes

Temporary USA Work Permits
  • H-1B visa: It is the most common type of visa issued for applicants in speciality occupations. It comes with a validity of three years. 
  • H-3 visa: This visa allows the visa holder to visit the US as a trainee. 
  • O visa: If you have extraordinary skills and achievements in the fields of sports, science, education, arts, etc., then you can apply for an O visa. 
  • P visa: It is specially designed for artists and entertainers who want to visit the USA for a temporary duration. 
Permanent USA Work Permits
  • Family-sponsored green card: The citizens or PR status of the USA can sponsor their family members, allowing them to work and settle in the country permanently. 
  • Employment-based green cards: These visas allow foreign citizens to obtain PR status and settle permanently in the US. 
Immigration process for USA
  • Select the relevant visa category. 
  • Check your eligibility and other visa requirements
  • Get a sponsorship certificate
  • Submit the visa application along with documents at the US embassy or visa application centre
  • Pay the visa application fee
  • Attend the visa interview
  • Submit biometrics
  • Get your visa stamped


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USA workplace culture

The USA is known for its diversity, and the same is reflected in its employment landscape. If you get a work permit, you can work with people from different parts of the world. 

Moreover, the US workplace culture is renowned for embracing innovation, diversity and forward-thinking. Most individuals taking advantage of the available resources tend to move up their career path rather quickly, are self-motivated and have the willingness to take risks.


Below are some key points on the workplace culture of the country:

  • Professionalism is highly encouraged in organizations. 
  • There are strict labour laws that need to be followed by the employer. 
  • Every employee is treated equally with respect. 
  • Most organizations conduct an upskilling program for their employees. 
  • Every employee is entitled to various perks like paid holidays, paternity and maternity leaves, pension programs, healthcare insurance, and so on. 
  • Great work-life balance. 
  • Direct communication is highly appreciated. 

How to apply – Do’s & Don’ts when applying


  • Research the USA job market thoroughly.
  • Follow a targeted approach.
  • Customize your resume according to the job profile.
  • Apply diligently.
  • Prepare well for remote interviews.
  • Apply online on trusted USA job websites.
  • Stay aware of immigration policies.



  • Send generic cover letters and resumes
  • Ignore visa requirements
  • Apply for the wrong visa category
  • Fake your qualifications and skills
  • Submit forged documents
  • Ignore LinkedIn profile


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Before you go…

Securing a job in countries like the USA requires strategic planning and a targeted approach. The above blog can help you understand the steps to get your dream job in the USA and make your transition smoother. You must begin your process by researching and identifying the right employment opportunities that match your career interests. 


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Q. How to find jobs in the USA from India?

There are many USA job websites and portals where you can easily find a suitable job online. Besides, you can also consider registering yourself with a USA recruitment agency to increase your chances of getting hired. You can even reach out to your target employers via platforms like LinkedIn. 


Q. Which job is best for an Indian in the USA?

Some of the highly rewarding job sectors in the USA include IT, software development, healthcare, finance and accounting, etc. 

Nevertheless, the choice of the right job will depend specifically on your skills, qualifications, and personal preferences. 


Q. Does the USA need IELTS for a job?

There is no requirement for IELTS certification for obtaining work visas in the USA. However, good English proficiency is a key to success in the US job market. 


Q. Can I directly apply for a job in the USA?

Yes. You can easily apply for jobs in the USA from India directly via the official website or platform of the targeted employer. 


Q. How to find jobs in the USA from India without PR?

You don’t need a PR to get a job offer in the USA from India. You can directly apply for jobs and get yourself sponsored by your US employer. Once you spend the specified duration in the country as a work visa holder, you become eligible for a PR status. 


Q. How much can an international student earn in the USA?

Depending on the type of work and experience, an international student can expect to earn between $7.25 to $10 per hour. In the case of on-campus jobs, you can expect slightly higher hourly rates. However, students are only allowed to work part-time. 


Q. What is the age limit for working in the USA?

According to the regulations stated under the Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA), the minimum working age in the USA is 14 years. There are set wages and restrictions for minors in the country. However, there is no maximum age limit for working in the country. 


Q. Can I work for a US company from India?

Many US-based companies have their branches in India. You can try getting a job there. Alternatively, you can also consider work-from-home jobs in the USA from India.




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