How to get a job in the UK from India 2024: (6 easy steps)

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15 Feb 2024
14 mins read
Written by pranit

As one of the strongest economies in the world, the United Kingdom shines bright as an attractive destination among Indian job seekers. From numerous job opportunities and impressive salary ranges to a great work-life balance and higher standard of living, there are endless benefits of working and living in the UK.


If you also dream of working abroad, then the UK is a perfect destination for you. Keep reading to learn how to get a job in the UK from India. 

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How to get a job in the UK from India?


  • Step 1: Research employment options
  • Step 2: Next, create or update your resume and cover letter 
  • Step 3: Build a professional network 
  • Step 4: Apply online
  • Step 5: Appear for job interviews 
  • Step 6: Get a work visa

Do you know?

  • The UK has an impressive employment rate of 75.9%. It has grown steadily in the last few years. [1]
  • In the last three months of 2023, the average growth in earnings was recorded to be 6.6%. [2]
  • During the last quarter of 2023, the estimated job vacancies touched several 934,000. Although there is a slight dip, the number of vacancies is still above the pre-pandemic level. [3]

How to Get a Job in the UK from India – 6 Easy Steps

Step 1: Research the UK job market

When it comes to working abroad, it becomes critical to understand the job market of your target country. The reason behind this is simple: every nation has a different employment landscape; the United Kingdom is no exception.


It means the first step to working in the UK from India is to understand the UK job market.


For starters, the most lucrative industries in the country include healthcare, IT, finance, education and engineering. Further, the working hours here vary from 38-40 hours per week, offering plenty of time for employees to relax and enjoy their personal lives. Moreover, the leave policies in the UK are also generous. You get plenty of paid leave along with many other benefits.


There are plenty of UK job websites and online portals where you can research and find the best employment opportunities for yourself.

Step 2: Create an ATS-friendly resume

Once you understand the job scenario in the UK, the next step is to tailor an impactful resume and cover letter for the jobs you are planning to apply for. While doing so, make sure your CV matches the job requirements and is also ATS-friendly. 


A majority of companies across the world use ATS (Automatic Tracking Software) to shortlist job candidates. It simply means that if you do not have an ATS-friendly resume, your chances of getting shortlisted become dim. 


If you don’t know how to create such a resume, then a good idea is to use an ATS resume template from a trusted online source. 

Step 3: Build Professional Network

Building a resume is not enough to get a job, especially if you are looking for a global opportunity. It is also important to build a powerful professional network. Believe it or not, it plays an important role in gaining an employment opportunity. You can reach out to your connections to seek references or even ask them to guide you through the job search and hiring process in the UK. 


It is advisable to register yourself with multiple UK job portals and government websites. This will help you search through hundreds of job roles and apply for the ones that align with your education and skills. 


Another great idea is to work with a trusted UK recruitment agency. Such agencies are approached by their clients to hire suitable job candidates. If your job profile matches their criteria, they will forward your resume directly to the UK employer. 


Moreover, building an impactful online presence on professional networking profiles such as LinkedIn will also increase your likelihood of getting hired by a UK employer. 

Step 4: Apply for Jobs

The next and most important step is to start applying for roles that match your qualifications and experience. There are multiple methods to apply for jobs in the UK from India. You can either apply on a registered UK job portal for Indian applicants or the official websites of the companies.


The most important thing to keep in mind when applying for jobs is not to limit yourself to just a couple of job opportunities. Apply for multiple but relevant job opportunities that match your experience, skill set and requirements. 


Also, make sure to update your resume and cover letter to each job profile you are applying for. 


The final and most important advice is to not give up if you don’t get any response from the company. You will start receiving the responses eventually when you apply diligently. 

Step 5: Appear for job interviews

Begin your interview preparation as soon you start receiving invites from the jobs you have applied for. To increase the chances of getting a job, you should research the interview questions in advance and prepare your answers well before appearing in the remote interview. There are plenty of applications, websites and videos on the internet that can help you prepare thoroughly. 


Another good idea is to practise the interview questions with your friend or family member for real-time preparation. 

Step 6: Initiate the visa process

The next and final step is to understand and initiate the visa process. Once you have a UK offer letter, you can move forward to the immigration formalities. In most cases, the responsibility of obtaining a work permit will remain with your UK employer. You can proceed with the immigration process once your visa is finalised. 


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Best job opportunities in the UK for Indian candidates

The United Kingdom offers impressive opportunities to foreign job seekers. Following are the top five industries in the UK job market:


  • Software Development and IT: The UK is known for its thriving It industry. Skills like web development, data analysis, software programming, cyber security, etc., are in higher demand. The average salary of an IT professional is around £58,000 per annum.

  • Finance & Accounting: The banking, investment, and insurance industry of the UK is highly developed, and jobs are in demand. The country is in constant need of highly skilled professionals for risk management, auditing, accounting, etc. The average salary of a person working in this industry is around £45,000.

  • Engineering: Engineering services are one of the most attractive employment opportunities for Indian job seekers. The fields that are growing rapidly include chemical engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, and electrical engineering. Further, the average salary of engineering professionals is around £42,000 per year.

  • Healthcare: Healthcare is a booming industry not just in the UK but worldwide. The demand for experienced and skilled healthcare professionals remains constant here. The professionals working in this industry receive £33,000 per year on average.

  • Hospitality: The UK is a popular tourist destination and attracts huge flocks of visitors from all across the world, all year round. This, in turn, keeps the hospitality industry booming with endless opportunities. Sectors such as travel agencies, hotel management, customer service, and event management are attractive options for Indians. The average salary in the hospitality industry is around £21,000 per year. 

UK Job vacancy for Indian – Eligibility for jobs in the UK from India 2024

  • Qualifications: Different UK job opportunities require a different level of education, skills, and experience. Thus, your qualifications should match the requirements of the job profile you are applying for. In most cases, a bachelor’s degree, along with some relevant skills, is sufficient for getting a job in your field.

  • Offer Letter: A UK offer letter is a primary requirement for obtaining a work visa in most cases. So, those who want to work in the United Kingdom must apply for jobs, receive an offer letter, and then apply for a work visa.

  • Work Permit: You can not work in the UK unless and until you have a valid work visa or permit. There are multiple categories of work visas you can choose to increase your chances of getting a high-paying job in the country. Check out the later section to learn about the type of UK work permits.

  • English Proficiency: In some cases, you might also be required to prove your English language proficiency by taking exams like IELTS. This is to make sure that you are capable of settling in the environment of the UK. Apart from IELTS, there are many other exams you can take to prove your English proficiency.

  • Health Requirements: You also need to meet certain health requirements to obtain a work visa for the UK. Check out the other requirements on the official website of the UK Immigration Department


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Job opportunities in the UK for Indian Candidates – Work permits and immigration processes

Type of UK work permits
  • Skilled Worker visa (Tier-2 Visa): This visa is issued to candidates who have a valid job offer and sponsorship certificate from a UK-based employer. It is a common visa choice for most foreign workers in the UK. Note that the Tier-2 visa may have minimum salary requirements depending on your qualifications and skills.
  • Specialist or Senior Work visa: This type of visa is mostly used for intra-company transfers. In simple words, if you are transferred to the UK office of your current company, then you need to obtain this type of visa.
  • Temporary Work visa (Tier-5 Visa): If you want to work in a non-profit, creative, or sports organisation, then you can obtain this visa. It may also require a certificate of sponsorship from the UK employer. 
Immigration process for the UK

The immigration process for the UK is not as hard as it sounds. It follows a simple approach as follows:


  • Select the right visa type 
  • Check your eligibility criteria 
  • Research and meet visa requirements  
  • Apply for a visa online or at the Embassy/Consulate/Visa Application Centre 
  • Submit all the required documents
  • Pay the visa application fees
  • Attend a visa interview
  • Get your visa stamped 
A brief on UK workplace culture

The UK job industry can provide you with a fulfilling and exciting life. Coming to the workplace culture, most companies here work hierarchically. It means a majority of business-related decisions are made by senior authorities such as managers. 


Most companies here treat their employees in a fair and equal way. They provide plenty of growth opportunities and encourage the workers to strengthen their professional skills. 


Below are some other perks of working in the UK:


  • Most companies offer flexible working hours. You can even opt for work-from-home jobs in the UK from India. 
  • As an employee, you are entitled to get 20-25 paid leaves every year for your activities. 
  • Maternity paternity leave policies in the UK are also quite generous. It means you get plenty of time to bond with your newborn. 
  • Most employees in the country also get access to the National Health Service, which offers necessary healthcare coverage. 
  • Pension plans are also provided by the companies to help their employees build the necessary retirement funds. 


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How to apply for jobs in the UK from India – Dos & Don’ts



  • Create a customized CV for each job. 
  • Consider upskilling yourself by taking relevant certification courses. 
  • Have a strong professional network to increase your chances of getting hired. 
  • Research your target industry well before applying for jobs. 
  • Follow a targeted approach. 




  • Don’t send a generic resume or application while applying. 
  • Don’t ignore your LinkedIn profile. 
  • Don’t apply for a visa in a hurry. 
  • Don’t trust random recruitment agencies. 
  • Don’t give up until you successfully get a job. 

Before you go…

Many job seekers from every nook and corner of the world dream of working and settling in the United Kingdom for various reasons. Besides offering global exposure and excellent growth opportunities, UK job opportunities offer competitive average salaries to professionals. 


If you are also looking for the answer to the most anticipated question- Can I get a job in the UK from India? Follow the approach mentioned in the above blog.


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What is the best way to apply for jobs in the UK from India?

The best way to apply for jobs in the UK from India is to follow a highly targeted approach. It involves researching the job landscape, creating a customised resume, applying for jobs via online job portals and UK job websites, applying for a visa/work permit, and so on.

How to find jobs in the UK from India?

There are plenty of job platforms and official job banks that post hundreds of job opportunities for foreign candidates. You can register yourself on these sites to increase your chances of getting hired.

Is it possible to get a job in the UK from India?

Yes. It is possible to get a job in the UK from India. By following the right approach and meeting the specified job requirements, you can gain a desired working opportunity that aligns with your career goals.

Which job is best for an Indian in the UK?

Jobs in sectors like IT, engineering, healthcare, and finance are highly sought-after for Indians.

Does the UK need IELTS for a job?

Most employers and work visas require English language proficiency from the applicants. You can either take IELTS or some other English proficiency test to prove your ability to read, write, speak, and understand English. However, there can be certain exemptions depending on your job profile. Check out the job description carefully for accurate information on language proficiency requirements.

Can I directly apply for a job in the UK?

Yes. You can apply directly on the official websites of the companies. When doing so, ensure that you have a high-quality resume tailored specifically to meet the job requirements.

How to get a job offer in the UK from India without PR?

You can apply for jobs on online platforms/job sites/LinkedIn and get a certificate of sponsorship from your UK-based employer. Once you complete the residency requirements, you will be eligible for a PR status.

How much can an international student earn in the UK?

International students in the UK can only indulge in part-time work for limited hours (usually 20-24 hours) within a week. Considering the lowest hourly wage of £10.43 per hour, an international student can manage to earn around £5000 to £6000 per month by working 20 hours each week.

What is the age limit for working in the UK?

There is no particular age limit for working in the United Kingdom. It can vary based on the specific industry, type of job, skills, and qualifications of the applicants.

Can I work for a UK company from India?

You can only work for a UK company from India if they offer a remote working policy. In most cases, it is possible for a temporary period. Thus, if you are looking for permanent work, then consider getting a suitable work visa.




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