10 branded bags you should get when you are in Europe

13 Jun 2023
9 mins read
Written by Team Instarem

Have you ever felt like you deserved to treat yourself WHILE keeping within your budget? Well, if holidaying in Europe is part of your summer plan, there’s practically no need to stay away from those designer bags!

Prices over there are considerably pocket-friendly than what we are used to here, so you get all the good stuff while keeping some of that valuable cash in the bank. Don’t feel guilty about splurging – after all, when in Rome do as the Romans do and jump into fashion on a budget this summer!


Who knows – maybe you can get that bag your heart truly desires. Let’s kick start with the brands!


Loewe puzzle bag


Did you know that this luxe fashion brand hails from Spain? That’s right – Loewe was founded all the way back in 1846, when a group of leather-making artisans in Madrid joined forces to create their iconic style.


Before you butcher the beloved brand, and put yourself in dire embarrassment, take a deep breath – the answer to how to pronounce Loewe is lo-weh-ve.


If you’re any kind of Loewe enthusiast, you’d better look out: their new Spirited Away Collection is here and in the form of the Popular Loewe Puzzle bag and the Loewe Basket bag. Prices are a little higher than usual.


Here is the list of their popular bags:


Bag namePrice
Loewe Basket Bag€395 – €640
Loewe Puzzle Bag€1850 – €2500
Loewe Hammock bag€2200 – €2400


Lady dior


With the mission to be fully committed to leaving a legacy of beauty and making sure to bring elegance with that, Dior has certainly done their job perfectly. It lies within the details they focus on when it comes to making one of their luxurious bags, from harsh scrutiny from their artisans and leather selection. As if all of that weren’t enough, Lady Dior is certainly one of the most iconic bags you’d ever come across! Not only for its classic shape, with some cool updates every now and then – but its appearance on the glorious arm of Lady Diana back in 1995 simply wants you to feel like you’re fit enough for royalty too! Who knew a bag could be so empowering?


Bag namePrices
Dior Saddle BagFrom €3200
Dior Tote BagFrom €1900
Lady Dior BagFrom €3100
Dior Bobby BagFrom €2100
Dior Montaigne BagFrom €2900
Dior WalletFrom €290


LV bag


Louis Vuitton Malletier, commonly referred to as “LV” by the fans, started out as a small French trunk maker in 1854 founded by Louis Vuitton. It quickly became the premier fashion house in Paris and gained an unrivalled reputation for its exquisite leather goods. The iconic Monogram canvas is considered its most sought-after material – practically a status symbol! In the world of luxury fashion, LV stands tall and many people around the world instantly recognize their namesake bags and items.


Bag namePrices
LV Sling BagFrom €1250
LV Bucket BagFrom €1500
LV PochetteFrom €1900
LV Tote BagFrom €1550
LV BackpackFrom €2000


Chanel flap bag


Coco Chanel may have put it best when she said that “Fashion changes, but style endures”! Her fashion expertise has truly made an indelible mark on style. Chanel is renowned for her ready-to-wear dresses, accessories and luxury goods. But more than keeping up with the trends, Chanel also understood the deeper purpose of fashion—comfort and love. So the next time you slip on a stylish outfit, remember it’s not just about looking good—it’s about feeling good!


Once you’ve decided to take the plunge into fashion, there’s no better way to show off your unique style than with a Chanel mini flap bag. Sure it may seem rather expensive at €4,500 – or as we like to call it, pocket change – but you’ll feel like a million bucks every time you dress up for an occasion!


So go ahead and make an investment in yourself—you’re worth it!


Saint Laurent may have only been around since 1961, but it has certainly made a major statement in the fashion scene during that time. YSL revolutionized the way we look at clothing by giving women access to menswear lines and championing diversity – something with which many of us can agree is timelessly important!


If you value the same things that inspired the iconic designer himself, then investing in some Saint Laurent pieces is a pretty safe bet! With their signature buttery leathers and luxurious lambskin details, these products will rarely let you down when it comes to quality too.


Bag namePrices
YSL Camera BagFrom €790
YSL Tote BagFrom €1100
YSL Envelope BagFrom €995


Celine bag


Blackpink’s Lisa is all the rage right now and if you’re looking to add a touch of K Pop star chic to your wardrobe, what better way than by following in her footsteps? As the global ambassador of Celine, Lisa has been spotted with their signature bags since 2019.

If you’re looking for the easiest way to adopt her look, may we suggest making your first purchase by picking up an iconic Celine handbag? Shopping never looked so fashionable!


Wondering how much a Celine bag costs? Here’s the price list:


Bag namePrices
Celine Triomphe Bag€1900 – €3000
Celine Tote BagFrom €1350
Celine Belt BagFrom €1000


Gucci bag


Gucci is an iconic fashion brand, so recognizable that even if you don’t know it well you could probably spot its signature style from miles away.

Founded in 1921 by Guccio Gucci in Florence, Tuscany, the brand became known for its luxurious fabrics and timeless style. Of course, no wardrobe is complete without the famous “Guccissima”. Obviously, this Italian phrase translates to “most Gucci” for a reason – with the interlocking GG embossed pattern a definite showstopper – or in this case: show-maker!


Gucci Sling Bag OptionsPrices in Euros
Gucci Horsebit 1955From €2500
GG MarmontFrom €1290
DionysusFrom €2300


“Devil Wears Prada” is one of the most popular movies of all time. But did you know that whilst your favourite characters from the film may have strutted their stuff in it, the real Prada isn’t just a fashion brand, but an empire? Yup, it all started in 1913 with one Mario Prada, who unwittingly created one of today’s leading luxury brands.


With headquarters in Milan, Italy, Prada is known for creating some of the most stylish bags around with their signature nylon bag, sling bag and backpack being some of the most sought-after items. A true testament to quality craftsmanship that you’d better not mess with.


Bag namePrices
Prada Nylon BagFrom €1400
Prada BackpackFrom €1580


Despite the sophisticated fashion that Burberry is known for today, its humble origins date back to 1856 when Thomas Burberry opened his store in Basingstoke to provide clothing designed with the dreary British weather in mind. Capes, raincoats and thick cloth became popular items of wear and were quickly adopted by members of high society. But what made Burberry stand out from the rest was its iconic tartan-check pattern reflected in bucket bags, scarves and various other products.


Speaking of bucket bags, have you seen the Burberry one? It’s a crowd favourite and will only set you back a casual €1150 – €1790.


The designs are still timeless; they might not protect you from crazy weather (or your wallet), but at least you’ll look extra stylish wearing one!


Burberry bucket bag: €1150 – €1790

Things to take note

Make an appointment

Shopping at the best boutique stores, such as the iconic LV Champs Elysees, can actually be a daunting task. Not only do their branded luxury bags come with hefty price tags, but their queues are nothing less than legendary – with people in line for hours on end!


Booking an appointment is often necessary to avoid the long wait times; otherwise, you’ll spend all day waiting in line and none of it actually shopping (only if you’re brave enough!).

Not all bags are available

Picture this: you fly all the way to Europe, excited to treat yourself to a new luxury bag, only to find out they don’t carry the model you want. The horror! So, here’s a piece of advice: save yourself the disappointment and check out the European luxury website first.


Not only will you be able to see what’s in stock, but you can also avoid the awkward encounter of asking the salesperson for a bag they don’t have.


Trust me, your wallet (and emotions) will thank you.

Bring your passport along

That beautiful blouse or designer bag will cost even more if you don’t bring your passport! That’s right – luxury brand stores need to see an actual passport up front. So don’t show up empty-handed, or else you’ll be in hot water come checkout time. Those tax refund forms won’t fill themselves, after all.

How to get a tax refund in Europe?

If you thought your shopping trip to Europe was over, think again! Don’t forget to collect your tax refund before you leave. Don’t worry though; it’s not a tricky process. Simply hand in the forms at your exit point, or head to one of the Global Blue Tax refund lounges in larger cities for a more painless experience.

Do you have to pay GST when you are back in Singapore?

When you arrive back home, you need to pay GST of 7% on all items brought into the country. You’ll have to provide either the receipts or show evidence of how much similar items typically sell.


Fortunately, there are ways to pay – either use the Customs@SG website or head down to a Customs tax office.


The Singapore Customs website has confirmed that goods granted GST import relief include new articles, souvenirs, gifts and food preparations intended for the traveller’s personal use. Your total GST payable depends on just how long gone you’ve been.


Time spent away from SingaporeValue of goods granted GST relief
48 hours or moreS$500
Less than 48 hoursS$100

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