Origins of the easter bunny and easter eggs: a fascinating tale

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21 Mar 2024
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Written by Team Instarem

Have you ever wondered where the Easter Bunny and eggs come from? I sure have! It’s so strange to think of bunnies hopping around with eggs in baskets, but it turns out that this tradition has an interesting origin story.  

It’s a fascinating tale that has evolved over centuries, interweaving ancient mythology, Christian beliefs and our modern holiday celebrations! Let’s explore how this beloved tradition came to be. 

When is Easter 2024?

If you’re eager to plan out your Easter celebrations for 2024, then mark your calendars because Easter Sunday will fall on March 31st! Lent, which is the 40-day period of preparation that precedes Easter, – starts on February 14th!


During Lent, a lot of people choose to give up something they enjoy as a form of sacrifice. This could be anything from chocolate and sweets to video games and spending time online.

Where did the easter bunny come from?

Have you ever wondered why the Easter Bunny is such an integral part of easter? Well, it turns out that this cuddly creature actually has a history that dates all the way back to ancient paganism.


Apparently, the goddess Eostra was believed to be responsible for spring, fertility and even rebirth! Can you believe it? The bunny was actually seen as her symbol! In an effort to convert pagans across the globe, Christianity cleverly changed Eostra’s holiday into what we now know as Easter and adopted her bunny-shaped symbol in order to make it easier, while at the same time representing reawakening after winter’s slumber.


Wow, who would’ve thought so much can be behind our friendly fluffy easter bunny?!

Where does the easter bunny live?

For centuries, stories have circulated about a mysterious and magical creature who lives on Easter Island, a distant speck in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.


Every year on Easter Eve, it’s said that this mythical being travels around the world delivering presents and chocolate to children far and wide. For those who believe these enchanting rumours, it’s easy to imagine him taking off into the night with a flock of otherworldly creatures to support his endeavour – sprinkling candy-filled baskets across continents!


Of course, there isn’t any evidence to prove the existence of this peculiar creature or his entourage, yet it sure makes Easter celebrations even more exciting if you leave your mind open to all possibilities!

The alternative easter animal you probably haven’t heard of

The Easter season is still in bloom with its wealth of exciting legends and lore, but don’t think the classic Easter bunny can claim it all – not quite!


Across various countries, we find other animals doing the work of bringing sweet surprises for those holiday festivities.


If you are wondering which animal brings easter eggs in Switzerland, Switzerland has their Easter Cuckoo tweeting away the message of hope to children with the most important thing: eggs!


On similar hunting grounds down under in Australia, The Bilby is taking over from the ‘Rabbit’, bringing his own brand of chocolatey eggs to rambunctious kiddos every year. This unique rodent-like marsupial somehow even commands more respect than its little floppy ears would suggest!


And talking about being unique – Germany knows that children love having a fox deliver delicious chocolates on this special day. No matter which way we look at it, different cultures make celebrating this holiday fun and exciting!

What do easter eggs symbolize, and how did they become a part of the celebration?

Have you ever seen a rabbit lay an egg? I can tell you they don’t! So why is it that easter eggs are so closely tied to easter? Well, don’t forget easter is linked back to the goddess Eostra who was believed to be responsible for spring, fertility and even rebirth! And the easter egg seemed to fit perfectly – because eggs symbolize new life! That’s why easter eggs also have associations with pagan spring celebrations.


easter eggs


Another way to look at it is that Christianity teaches us that Jesus rose from the dead to life, and some people think this is represented by the easter egg.

Why do we decorate easter eggs?

Have you ever wondered why we decorate easter eggs? It’s not like bunnies can’t tell which ones are fancy!

It turns out this tradition has been around for ages. People used to make beautiful easter eggs during Lent as a way to enjoy themselves when it was finally over.


Another popular theory has to be the one involving Early Christians in Mesopotamia. It’s said that they dyed them red in order to represent Jesus’ spilled blood from His crucifixion. And if you thought dyeing them was cool enough already, once colour became more accessible it led to some interesting decorations – we’re talking churches giving away decorated eggs at Easter time!

Easter egg hunting

Suppose you’ve caught the Easter bug and become captivated by the incredible traditions that revolve around bunnies and eggs. In that case, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about with regard to Easter egg hunting!


There are a variety of ways to take part in this exciting event – from small at-home games where children search for specially decorated or chocolate eggs, to large community events with prizes for participants who have collected the most eggs.


It’s easy to see why Easter egg hunting has been such a beloved activity for generations; no matter the age or setting, it encourages children to come together and enjoy some good old-fashioned fun!

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