How can studying abroad benefit your career?

Expat life
06 Dec 2023
8 mins read
Written by Riona lye

Sure, we all get a little starry-eyed talking about the cash implications of studying abroad. But despite the price tag, there are a plethora of invaluable experiences waiting for you in those foreign classrooms.

And we’re not just talking about snagging your bachelor’s degree here. We mean you might even consider playing hooky from your job to chase after a Masters or, dare we say it, a PhD! Because who wouldn’t want to trade their office cubicle for a library carrel every now and then?

The point is, that an international degree might just be the secret sauce that makes your resume irresistible to employers. Imagine them searching for candidates who can effortlessly swap languages, navigate diverse cultures, and juggle conference calls across multiple time zones like a pro.

Because here’s the reality – your future office may look more like a global village than a local business. Your desk neighbour could be from halfway around the world, and your project partners might be having their morning coffee while you’re winding down for the day. Studying abroad could provide you with an edge when you least expect it. Sure, there might be student loans, but also a host of benefits that might surprise you.

Still skeptical? Allow us to enlighten you on how studying abroad could supercharge your career.

Exposure to multiple cultures

Culture, it’s a quirky thing, isn’t it? It shapes your thoughts, your feelings, and even your very being. Now, when you toss two people from different cultural backgrounds into the same room, it’s like watching chameleons at a paint store – they start adapting to each other’s colours before you know it! This is exactly what happens when you study abroad.

The best part? You’re not alone in this. There are many students from across the globe sharing this experience with you. You might think, “I’ll just stick with folks from my country,” but living abroad means you’ll still be exposed to and adapt to new cultures. This includes language, habits, and more.

This plunge into a vibrant, multicultural environment not only broadens your mind but also deepens your respect for other cultures. And guess what? This adaptability is like a golden ticket to a thriving international career. Navigating these unfamiliar waters before you dive headfirst into the adult world can supercharge your confidence, making you a more self-reliant and independent individual.

Better language and communication skills

Sure, English may be the lingua franca of the world, and by now you’ve probably either aced your English proficiency test or have it looming ominously on your to-do list. But let’s face it, that doesn’t mean your tongue won’t twist into pretzels or your brain won’t feel like it’s running a marathon when you try to converse in a language you don’t use every day.

Here’s the laughable truth: when students pack their bags and wave goodbye to their homeland to study abroad, they’re signing up for a linguistic rollercoaster ride. They’ll be interacting with folks from all walks of life, each with their level of comfort with English. Some might be word wizards, while others are still playing catch-up.

And just when you thought you had a handle on things, enter regional accents and slang – Australian, Irish, British, Singlish, Canadian, and so on. Suddenly, you’re staring blankly at people, wondering how it’s possible to be utterly lost even though everyone’s supposedly speaking the same language.

So, what’s the grand prize at the end of this linguistic labyrinth? Well, you’ll find yourself adopting the local lingo, whether you like it or not.

And if you find yourself studying in Europe or Asia where English is as common as a unicorn, congratulations! You’ve won a bonus round where you get to learn an entirely new language. Isn’t that just fantastic?

Decision-making & life skills

Welcome to “Reality Abroad: The Ultimate Challenge” where simple tasks at home morph into Herculean trials. Operating a washing machine? Forget about it! Your once trusty appliance now resembles a foam monster on the loose. And cooking instant noodles? Well, let’s just say you’re more likely to create a modern art masterpiece with your scorched pot than a meal. Oh, and navigating from point A to B? Well, that’s just your episode of “Lost in Space.”

Sure the whole process might feel like an intense workout for your mind and willpower. But these little bouts of independence sneak up on you like ninjas. Before you know it, you’re a full-fledged adult, navigating life’s challenges like a pro. So don’t underestimate the power of these seemingly small victories. They’re like the hidden levels in a video game that secretly level up your character.

Potential job abroad opportunities

When you’re studying abroad, the reality of high living and education costs typically pushes most students to pick up part-time jobs. In doing so, you’re not just earning some extra cash, but also inadvertently gaining valuable skills for working in a foreign environment. So, in a practical sense, your journey towards being work-ready abroad has already begun.

And if you survived the trials and tribulations of Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral, or even Postdoctoral studies (phew, that’s a mouthful), you might just get the golden ticket to stay back and find a job.

After all, part-time job experiences count, right?

You’re probably sitting there thinking, “Oh woe is me, companies are tighter with work visas than a miser with his gold coins.” But here’s a newsflash for you – if your college degree happens to be in a field that the market is crying out for, then guess what? You might have a shot at snagging a coveted job in countries such as Australia, Canada, the USA, the UK and more.

And don’t you just love the thought of that? Then, after a few years of toiling away, you might even get to embark on the joyous journey of immigration paperwork. Yes, that’s right, the thrilling process of applying for permanent residency or citizenship could be all yours. Now, isn’t that exciting?

Career advancement

So, you heard the rumour, right? The one about a foreign degree leading to a fatter pay cheque? Well, we hate to burst your bubble, but it’s not always that straightforward. Sure, it might give you an edge in certain industries and countries, but it’s all about your skills and what you bring to the table.

But hey, let’s not get too caught up in the money talk. The real gem of having a foreign degree is that it makes you stand out in a crowd of job seekers like a peacock at a pigeon party. You’ll have international standards, laws, and regulations down pat. You’ll be culturally sensitive and have a knack for cross-cultural communication that you can only get from dipping your toes in international waters.

And here’s a fun twist – if you took a sabbatical from work to study, you might find that you’ve gained fresh insights that make your old job seem as exciting as a new episode of your favourite Netflix series. Now, isn’t that something?

Before you go…

Planning to take your studies international? That’s an exciting leap! But before you pack your bags and start dreaming of foreign adventures, let’s have a heart-to-heart about the financial side of things. Studying abroad isn’t just about broadening your horizons; it’s also about understanding the financial implications.

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