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Things Indian Expats Miss The Most After Settling Abroad

Indians are now leaving their mark all around the world. Skilled Indian workers are constantly looking for jobs in developed countries. The tough side of being an Indian expat is that you miss a lot of things which you can experience only when you are in India. InstaReM lists down 6 major things that Indian expats miss after settling abroad:

1. Festivals round the year

Right from New Year’s Eve to the Christmas week, Indians celebrate about 150 regional, cultural, and national festivals every year. You envy your friends majorly when you see their pictures coloring each other on Holi or dancing to the tunes of dhol on Ganesh Chaturthi.

2. Street Food

There is no better feeling for Indians than eating spicy food while standing road side. And yes, that extra puri for pani puri or extra schezwan sauce for Chinese food is mandatory for us.

3. “All-in-one” Maid

In India maids are considered no less than Wonder Woman. They are overloaded with tons of tasks to be done regularly. Often, house owners sometimes get very attached and treat them as a family member.

4. Family

No matter whether you are an Indian or of any nationality, being away from home sometimes makes you feel nostalgic. As the whole universe knows how sentimental Indian parents are for their kids! If you are based in Australia or Hong Kong alone then you can transfer money to India without any transfer fees via InstaReM.

5. Big fat Indian weddings

The scenario of how cheerful Indian weddings are cannot be defined in words. There are a lot of events that take place before the final reception which is the most enjoyable part of Indian weddings.

6. Getting everything at cheaper rates

Be it food, clothes, furniture, et al. you get almost everything cheaper in India as compared to any developed country. From that point of view, you can save a lot if you work in India. An example to clearly justify this point; you can easily get a box of good quality chocolates at ₹100 in India to gift someone (Eg: Cadbury celebrations). However when you want to purchase the same in Hong Kong, it will cost you around HK$50 (around ₹450). Though there are HK$12 shops in Hong Kong but the quality of that goods differ a lot.

There is one common problem which Indian expats face, remitting money back to India. We at InstaReM are here to solve this problem for you as we transfer money without any remittance fees and typically within 1 or 2 business days. Do you have anything else in mind which you miss the most and that isn’t mentioned on the above list? Do let us know in the comments section below.


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