5 reasons why you should study in Australia

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29 Jan 2024
3 mins read
Written by Team Instarem

Pursuing academics in a foreign university is exciting for everyone, as exposure to international universities not only guarantees quality education but also assures students of a bright professional career.


If you too are setting out with dreams of bagging a foreign degree, it is important that you find the right country and university to pursue your degree.


One country that you can’t overlook is Australia – home to prominent universities.


In fact, Australia is preferred by many international students. As per the Federal Education Department, Australia hosted 940,310 international students in 2023.


Of these international students, the largest numbers came from China, followed by India.


Australia is known to have one of the highest standards of living in the world and the country is known to offer excellent value for money.


Plus, the country attracts students from across the globe due to its dynamic and vibrant culture. 


If you are still not convinced why study in Australia,  here are five powerful reasons.


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World-class education

Australia is home to a total of 43 universities, of which 40 are Australian universities, two are international universities and one private specialty university.


These universities offer degrees ranging from Bachelor’s to Doctorate. From science, management, law, commerce, and health science to humanities, these Australian universities offer a host of courses.


In fact, Australian universities are ranked the best in the world for courses in engineering, finance, accounting, environmental science, and medicine.


Further, Australia has Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA), a national regulatory and quality agency. It is responsible for monitoring the quality of education and regulating the universities against a set of standards.

Educational diversity

Another reason why many international students choose to study in Australia is the educational diversity of courses.


They’re free to choose any discipline or field that is right for them, because of the wide variety of degrees, vocational courses, and English language training.


Some of the popular degrees include:


  • nursing
  • dentistry
  • medicine


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Manageable cost of living

Australia boasts one of the highest standards of living in the world. However, it is affordable for international students as compared to other countries of the world.


Though the cost of living varies according to one’s lifestyle and state. The estimated annual cost of living for a student should fall around AUD 28,378.

A streamlined process for student visa

Australia is known for its easy and smooth visa procuring procedure for students (subclass 500).


Wondering what the study in Australia requirements is?


There are prerequisites that you need to fulfill to get the visa. These prerequisites include admission proof, proof of sufficient financial capacity, and health insurance.


Easy, breezy, huh?

Ease of transferring money

In some countries, the remittance infrastructure is either not reliable, or it is quite complicated and cumbersome to transfer money home from these countries. However, this is not the case in Australia.


There are several ways to send money, including online money transfer services like Instarem.


receive money



To avoid losing out on overseas money transfers, it is always a wise move to select a money transfer service provider that allows you to send money from Australia at a reasonable cost and with no hidden charges.


Try Instarem for your next transfer.


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