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How Our Foreign Exchange Rates Are Different

Banks and other providers add a mark-up, as high as 5%, to their exchange rate for sending money abroad. At InstaReM, it is up to 8x cheaper through our live FX rates, low remittance fee and no hidden charges.

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Zero-Margin FX Rates
We get you mid-market rates sourced directly from Reuters and add absolutely no margins! We charge a nominal fee.
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Sign up, verify your account and get transacting. Know the exact amount your recipient will get as you set up your transfer.
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Earn bonus InstaPoints upon joining and each time you transfer. Redeem them against your transactions.

Send Money To India At Zero-Margin Rates


Transfer Money to India

Being miles away from your family and friends in India is not easy, but InstaReM makes sure that sending money to your family and friends in India is easier. With InstaReM, everyone from individuals to SMEs to corporates can now transfer money to India cost-effectively from anywhere, anytime.

All you need to do to set up an overseas transfer is follow our 3-step process and we take care of the rest. We offer you Zero-Margin FX rates: mid-market rates directly sourced from Reuters with absolutely no margins added, apply a nominal fee to cover the cost of processing your transaction, and pay out to your recipient from our local bank account in India. InstaReM provides seamless money transfers to anywhere in India. You get to know the exact amount your recipient will get when you set up your transfer.

At InstaReM, we value your money and keep your transactions free from sneaky markups on exchange rates and stealthy hidden charges. World Bank has ranked us No. 1 cost-effective money remittance platform from Australia and Singapore to India and several other countries across the globe. To get started with your first money transfer to India, click here.

While Indians are a huge part of the global workforce, the USA stats show that USA is still the second-most popular destination for Indians. In 1960, there were only 12,000 Indians in the US representing a mere 0.5% of the entire immigrant population. However, the population grew substantially and reached to 2.4 million in the year 2015, thus, making up 6% of the total number of immigrants in the US (43.3 million).

In 2017, bilateral trade grew by 9.8% and reached USD 126.1 billion. India is the 9th largest trading partner of the US. It exported USD 44.8 billion worth of goods to America in 2015. US educational institutions hosted 1.08 million international students in 2016-17, of which 186,000 were Indians. The figure accounts for a 12% growth in the number of Indian students in the US as compared to the previous year.

With strong ties to their home country, Indians residing in the US remit a large sum of money every year. In 2016, Indians in the US remitted USD 10.657 billion to India. However, Indians lose a huge chunk of money to FX margins, hidden charges and high fees charged by banks and other service providers. InstaReM money transfer service offers freedom from insane remittance costs. It offers mid-market rates, free of any FX margins and doesn’t sneak in any hidden charges. It only charges a single, all-inclusive fees that’s displayed on the receipt for the remitters to see and gives you the best transfer amount guarantee. Try now.

Frequently Asked Questions
    • Is it safe to send money to India through InstaReM? As a FinTech company, InstaReM reports to a number of regulatory bodies globally, and just like banks and other financial institutions, we have preventive measures designed to safeguard your profile against unauthorised access, fraud, and money laundering.
    • How much does it cost to send money to India through InstaReM? InstaReM uses rates directly sourced from Reuters to transfer your money. There are no added margins. InstaReM charges a small percentage of the amount sent as a fee. For payments from AUD to INR and HKD to INR, the fee is 0.5%. For payments from SGD to INR, the fee is 0.25%, and for payments from MYR to INR, the fee is 0.60%. Please note: fees are subject to change at anytime.
    • How much time does it take to send money to India through InstaReM? InstaReM typically makes same or next-business-day transfers. You will receive email notifications as your money transfer progresses through our system. You can also track your transfer on the InstaReM website. However, some factors that can potentially slow down your payment processing are:
      1. Additional information required by InstaReM or recipient bank or financial institution for your security and per regulatory adherence
      2. Payment processing / verifying your bank account
      3. Branch location hours / delivery hours / holidays
      4. Erroneous recipient details
      Please note that the transfer time may also be affected by banking systems and holidays in both sending and receiving countries. You can review international holidays here.
    • Which Indian banks are covered by InstaReM? InstaReM covers all major banks in India, including State Bank Of India (SBI), ICICI Bank, Kotak Bank, Yes Bank, Canara Bank, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank and Bank Of Baroda and Co-operative Banks, among many others.
    • What details are required to send money to India? You need the beneficiary’s full name, residential address, beneficiary’s account number and IFSC code to make a transfer to India.
    • What is an IFSC Code? Indian Financial System Code, better known as IFSC, is an alphanumeric code that is used to identify a particular branch of an Indian bank where an INR account is held.  The IFSC code is used by the NEFT, RTGS and IMPS finance transfer systems in India. You can find your IFSC code here.
    • Can I send money to the bank account of a business based in India through InstaReM? Yes. You can use InstaReM for business transfers to India.
    • What are the minimum and maximum limits on sending money to India through InstaReM? As per current regulations in India, the below are the inward remittance limits for sending money to individuals and businesses in India:
      Individuals: No limit for sending money to individuals.
      Corporates: Limit is set at 1,500,000 INR per day, per business.
      Besides the above limits on inward remittances to India, regulators in different sending countries may also impose limits on outward flow of remittances. InstaReM might also have limits. You can find details on remittance limits in your country of interest here. Please note these limits are subject to change at any time
    • Which currencies are available in India for payout? We make payouts in INR and USD only.
    • For what purposes can I send money to India through InstaReM? InstaReM service can be availed by any individual (at least 18 years of age) for personal money transfer needs in India from four countries. The user will be required to specify the purpose of remittance from a specified list of purposes like:
      1. Family maintenance
      2. Gift to family or friends
      3. Credit into the user's non-resident deposit accounts in India
      4. Payments towards tuition/ hostel fees
      5. Travel services
      6. Home loan repayment (extended by banks)
      7. Insurance premium
      8. Purchase of permissible real estate
      *InstaReM does not support payments for FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) purposes. As per RBI (Reserve Bank of India) guidelines, payments for FDI purposes are allowed only through banking channels.
    • Does InstaReM support transfers to an email address of a recipient based in India? No. InstaReM does not support transfers to an email address in India.

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