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Offers & Coupon Codes

You can use coupon code "SAVE " and enjoy a first transfer bonus as per your country of residence *

Coupon Name Country Coupon Value Minimum Transfer Amount
SAVE Australia AUD 5 AUD 1250
SAVE Singapore SGD 5 SGD 1250
SAVE Hong Kong HKD 40 HKD 10000
SAVE Canada CAD 5 CAD 1250
SAVE Malaysia MYR 15 MYR 3000
SAVE India INR 400 INR 50000
SAVE United States USD 4 USD 1000
SAVE Europe EUR 4 EUR 800

* Terms & Conditions Apply

How to use a coupon code?

  1. Log into your Instarem account on app or web, and click on ‘Send Money’.
  2. Add a recipient through your phone contacts, or add one manually.
  3. Choose your payment method and currency; enter the amount you wish to transfer.
  4. Input transfer details and proceed with your transaction.
  5. On the summary page, go to ‘Apply Code’, enter the coupon code, click apply and authorise the transfer. (Refer to the screenshot below)
  6. Make sure you transfer the exact amount shown in the ‘You Pay Only’ field.
  7. Enter the verification code to authorise the transaction.
  8. To complete your fund transfer, make the payment.

We top up your account with 25 InstaPoints as soon as you Sign Up.

InstaPoints are loyalty points that you can redeem against your transactions to give you a discount.

More The InstaPoints, More The Discount.

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