5 best countries to migrate from Philippines

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02 May 2024
12 mins read
Written by Riona lye

The Philippines is among the popular Asian countries known for its vibrant culture, beautiful scenery, and, above all, a warm and welcoming population. Yet, many Filipinos yearn for new experiences, adventures and opportunities amidst this beauty.


Whether you want to migrate abroad for higher education or to seek better job opportunities, selecting the right country is critical. It is a crucial step that will majorly impact the outcomes of your decision to settle abroad.


In this blog, we will help you find the best country to immigrate from the Philippines in 2024.

Quick glance at the best country to migrate from the Philippines

  • Canada
  • Australia
  • USA
  • Singapore
  • New Zealand

5 Best immigration-friendly countries to migrate from the Philippines

Following are the top five countries to migrate from the Philippines:


Canada is surely the best country to migrate from the Philippines. It is among the first choice of immigrants not just from the Philippines but also worldwide. The main reasons behind this are the booming job opportunities and straightforward overseas immigration procedure.


Besides, the country boasts world-class education, excellent healthcare, cultural diversity, and magnificent snowy landscapes.


In some cases, Canada offers direct PR (Permanent Residence) through programs like the PNP (Provincial Nomination Program) and the Express Entry Program. Once you meet the specified requirements, you can easily migrate from the Philippines to Canada without hurdles.


To make your immigration process even easier, you can start searching for a job on Canadian job banks or portals. Once you have a job from a Canadian employer, you can easily migrate to Canada.


a. Immigration process


The following are some ways through which you can migrate to Canada from the Philippines:


  • Express Entry Program: One of the easiest and most common ways to migrate abroad to Canada is the Express Entry Program. It uses a point-based system to assess and select skilled immigrants for the country. You need to score a minimum score of 67 out of 100 points to go into the Express Entry Pool.

  • Provincial Nominee Program: PNP is another great way to relocate to Canada from the Philippines. This program allows the Canadian Provinces to nominate candidates based on their labour shortage and other requirements. Once you get nominated in PNP, you get an additional 600 points, which makes your profile highly likely to be picked from the Express Entry pool.

  • Student Visa: If you are planning to move to Canada for higher education, then you can apply for a student visa.


b. Eligibility


The eligibility for moving to Canada varies based on your selected pathway. On a broad level, you must have the required qualifications, work experience, proof of funds, language proficiency, etc., to be eligible for immigration to Canada.


c. Cost of living


The cost of living in Canada varies depending on two major factors such as your location and lifestyle. Cities like Toronto and Vancouver usually have a higher cost of living than smaller cities in less popular provinces such as Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan.


Moreover, the main living expenses include rent, healthcare, and groceries. You can easily manage your living expenses by securing a decent job based on your qualifications.


d. Job Opportunities


Canada has a highly stable and robust economy with plenty of well-paying employment opportunities in sectors such as IT, healthcare and finance. The country is quite active in recruiting fresh talents in the form of skilled and highly skilled candidates from every corner of the world.


Fancy living in a country with a pleasant atmosphere, cultural freedom, natural beauty, top-notch living standards and super-friendly people? Australia can be a perfect destination for you. The best part is that similar to Canada, Australia too has a straightforward overseas immigration procedure.


Like other Western countries, Australia is facing a serious labour shortage. Hence, the Australian government is estimating a significant increase in the number of approved skilled worker visas.


Apart from great opportunities and easy migration procedures, you can find many Filipino communities in Australia. It is among the countries with the most immigrants from Asia, including the Philippines. Knowing that you will not be all alone in a foreign land can make your immigration a bit easier.


a. Immigration process


There are multiple categories of visas you can apply for migrating to Australia from the Philippines. This includes a Permanent Resident Visa, Confirmatory Resident Visa, Resident Return Visa, and so on. Here are the steps you need to follow:


  1. Starts by submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI) via the SkillSelect system.
  2. Choose your preferred occupation if it is listed on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL).
  3. Get your skills assessed by the authorised body.
  4. Meet the specific eligibility and apply for a suitable visa.


b. Eligibility

Similar to any other country, Australia requires visa candidates to meet some requirements depending on their chosen visa category. These requirements include the following:


  • English language proficiency (IELTS or any other proficiency test.)
  • Educational Qualifications
  • Relevant Work Experience
  • Sufficient Funds
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Clean Medical Record


c. Cost of living


The cost of living in Australia depends mainly on the city or region you are living in. Besides, individual living expenses can vary based on your income and spending habits. Generally, the cost of living in Australian cities like Sydney and Melbourne is slightly higher than in cheaper cities like Adelaide and Canberra.


d. Job Opportunities


Australia has a powerful economy. Various sectors, including IT, Finance, Healthcare, and Hospitality, are thriving in the country while dealing with labour shortages. To fill this labour gap, the Australian government is actively hiring talented global candidates through its Skilled Worker Visa program.


Both the Philippines and the USA have had great diplomatic relations. Filipinos have been migrating to the States for decades, which means you can expect a good Filipino population living in the USA.


Be it a multitude of career opportunities, higher salaries, top-class education or simply a diverse culture and vibrant American lifestyle, the USA has everything you have ever wanted.


No doubt, it is one of the best places to settle abroad for Filipinos.


a. Immigration process


There are multiple ways to move to the USA from the Philippines. These include an employment visa, student visa, family sponsorship, and so on. Note that each visa type has its eligibility criteria you must meet to apply.


If you plan to move for a long term, you can apply for an employment-based visa. To do so, you must secure a job offer from a USA-based employer.


Your potential employer will be responsible for filing a petition and obtaining a visa on your behalf. But also note that the USA is among the hardest countries to get citizenship.


b. Eligibility


The eligibility criteria for migrating to the USA are different for different pathways. If you are going on an employment-based visa, then you must have the required qualifications, work experience, offer letter, and proof of funds, among other things.


c. Cost of living


The cost of living in the USA is high. However, the average salaries in the country are also quite handsome. Simply put, you can easily manage your living expenses by securing a decent job. For these reasons, the USA has gained a place among the good countries to migrate from the Philippines.


d. Job Opportunities


It is rightly said, “The USA is the land of opportunities”. There are many jobs available in the USA across different industries, such as technology and IT, healthcare, sales and marketing, banking and finance, mining, construction, and more.


However, the competition is also fierce. You must keep on polishing your skills and upgrading yourself to secure well-paying jobs in the USA that match your career objectives.


Singapore is another top choice for Filipinos when it comes to settling abroad. It is also the easiest country to migrate from the Philippines.
The reason? There are plenty. For starters, Singapore is among the most developed and diverse countries in Asia. It has a robust economy and job markets brimming with opportunities for the migrants.


Additionally, Singapore is very safe, has pleasant weather, and supports cultural diversity that makes it easier to live and thrive in a foreign country. Above all, Singapore is quite close to the Philippines as compared to other abroad destinations. It means you can conveniently visit your home country without thinking about the time and heavy transportation costs.


a. Immigration process


Singapore has various immigration programs such as EntrePass, S-Pass, and Permanent Residence (PR). Employment permits and visas are generally available for highly skilled professionals sponsored by Singaporean employers or companies. On the other hand, the EntrePass is available for entrepreneurs or business enthusiasts who want to establish a business in Singapore.


b. Eligibility


The employment-based permits in Singapore require relevant education and work experience, employment history, and a valid job contract from the authorised employer in Singapore. Moreover, the PR path requires employment history, minimum residency, family ties, as well as your contribution to the Singaporean community.


c. Cost of living


While the cost of living in Singapore is high, it is still better than the living expenses in other American or European countries. Besides, the country boasts excellent living conditions with top-notch public infrastructure, best healthcare and educational services, most importantly, a fair salary structure that makes it easier to sustain a comfortable lifestyle.


d. Job Opportunities


Singapore is known for its highly competitive and dynamic job market. There is no shortage of job opportunities in sectors like banking & finance, IT, logistics, and healthcare. If you meet the requirements and eligibility criteria, there is a high chance that you will secure a job in Singapore.

New Zealand

New Zealand, popularly known as the “country of islands” or “island country” has become a highly sought-after destination among immigrants not only from the Philippines but across the world.


It offers stunning natural landscapes, cultural diversity, and a relaxed lifestyle. What’s more? The economy is stable with the unemployment rate getting lower year by year.


New Zealand welcomes immigrants with open arms to fill their labour shortage and boost their economy. As a result, the number of immigrants is increasing every year in the country.


Further, New Zealand is among the PR-friendly countries in the world. This means you can get a PR easily once you meet the requirements.


In essence, New Zealand is a very safe, lively and welcoming country with excellent employment opportunities making it an attractive option for Filipinos.


a. Immigration process


Among multiple pathways, work visas, family sponsorship, student visas, and SMC visas are the most popular for moving to New Zealand. For work-related permits like SMC, you must submit an Expression of Interest and meet the age, education and experience requirements as per the immigration law.


b. Eligibility


The eligibility criteria for New Zealand are different for different visa categories. For instance, the most popular SMC (Skilled Migrant Category) permit requires the candidates to secure a minimum point-based threshold, have the required qualifications and work experience, and have a good medical and social history.


c. Cost of living


The cost of living in New Zealand is surprisingly high, especially in top cities like Wellington and Auckland. Expenses, including housing, transportation, and groceries, take up a significant portion of the budget.


Despite a higher living cost, many immigrants prefer living in New Zealand as compared to other countries as it offers great work-life balance, fair salaries and unique cultural experiences.


d. Job Opportunities


The employment landscape in New Zealand is dynamic with a mix of opportunities and challenges that reflects in its growing economy.


With the advent of globalisation and the rise of digitalisation, more and more companies are searching for talented candidates to fill their vacancies. In short, it is quite easy to navigate through the job market and find a suitable position based on your qualifications and goals.


However, with the increase in competition, securing a job in New Zealand requires good hard work and dedication.

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Which country is easiest to immigrate from the Philippines?

Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are some of the easiest countries to immigrate from the Philippines. However, the choice can vary depending on individual preferences, objectives, qualifications and work experience.

Which country is best for Filipino workers?

Most Middle Eastern countries, such as the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, etc., are among popular work destinations among Filipino workers. These countries face higher demand for semi-skilled and skilled labour across industries such as healthcare, hospitality, construction, etc.

Which country has the highest number of Filipino immigrants?

The USA has the highest number of Filipino immigrants. Some of the cities, like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York, have a significant population of Filipinos due to vast opportunities and diverse environments.

Which country gives citizenship easily to Filipinos?

Canada offers a direct PR path to Filipino citizens through programs like PNP and Express Entry. Once you meet the minimum residency requirements, you can apply for citizenship. Apart from Canada, Australia and New Zealand also offer straightforward pathways to citizenship.




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