blog imageInsiderEffortless virtual Suica card top-up in Japan with amaze on Apple Pay!

Hey there, fellow adventure-seeker! Travelling to Japan is always a blast, especially with its easy-to-use public transport. But hold onto your hats because there’s a twist in the tale—last year, JR East had to hit pause on selling those handy Suica/PASMO cards due to a global chip shortage. The comeback kid: Suica cards return! Guess ...

16 Jul 20244 mins read
blog imageInsiderGo light, pay right: amaze card powers up with Apple Pay 

Hey, did you catch the news? You can now add your amaze card to Apple Pay! Yup, it’s true – with your amaze card on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch, making payments using Apple Pay in Singapore and beyond is a breeze.   Leave that bulky wallet at home because your Apple devices have ...

16 Jul 20243 mins read
blog imageInsiderInstarem’s amaze wallet – how to apply, top up and benefits

Top up for free – Top up your amaze wallet using PayNow, which is convenient and free of charge.

16 Jul 20244 mins read
blog imageLifestyleAlternative to Disneyland – Complete guide to Sanrio Puroland 

Hey, we all adore Tokyo Disneyland and Universal Studio Japan, but let’s not forget about the homegrown Japanese charm of Sanrio Puroland! While the other parks are fantastic, they don’t quite capture that uniquely Japanese vibe like Sanrio does.   Think about it: Hello Kitty, Cinnamon roll, Kuromi, Gudetama, and a whole bunch of more ...

15 Jul 202417 mins read
blog imageLifestyleMastering Universal Studios Japan: Insider tips for a stress-free visit 

Planning a trip to Universal Studios Japan gets everyone pumped, but it can also be nerve-wracking. Just check out all the Reddit questions about tackling Universal Studios Japan like a pro—it’s clear people are trying to crack the code.   You might wonder, why? Well, everyone has their own wish list of rides and attractions, ...

12 Jul 20249 mins read
blog imageLifestyleJapan travel tips: What to plan and what to skip 

Travelling to Japan is always an adventure! Whether you’re exploring bustling Tokyo, historic Kyoto, or the scenic beauty of Hokkaido, there’s always something unique to enjoy.   That said, some things are definitely worth planning for, while others you might want to skip. To make your trip as efficient as the Japanese trains, we’ve put ...

08 Jul 20248 mins read
blog imageMoney know-howBuying an iPhone abroad: All you need to know before you go!

Guess what? The thrill of a new iPhone launch is still very real! Sure, flipping an iPhone for profit isn’t as simple as it once was. But, believe it or not, there’s still a bustling market for it—especially with folks jetting in from overseas to buy the latest model before it’s even released in their ...

04 Jul 202410 mins read
blog imageMoney know-howForeign transaction fee in overseas spending: what does it mean to consumer

Before you go big on your travel, make sure you understand foreign transaction fees and dynamic conversion fees. Don't let them eat into your travel budget!

02 Jul 20244 mins read
blog imageExpat lifeHow to travel to JB from Singapore – The best ways possible

How do I get through customs in JB? What is the best way to go to JB? Here are the different ways to go to Johor Bahru and find out which is best for you.

03 Jun 202410 mins read
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