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Top Part-Time Jobs For Students In Canada

Top Part-Time Jobs For Students In Canada

In 2017, Canada received a total inflow of 494,525 International Students, which is a 20 percent increase from 2016 and surpassed the goal of 450,000 international students in Canada by 2022 set by  Government of Canada’s International Education Strategy.

Although Canadian student visa requirements say you must have at least CA$10,000 (~US$8,100) apart from your tuition fees, you’ll likely to need much more than this for your living expenses. Your living costs will vary considerably depending on your location and spending habits, with large cities generally more expensive to live in. The Université de Montréal estimates that students need a total of CA$15,050 per year including housing, food, accommodation, books and course supplies, phone costs and miscellaneous expenses. The University of British Columbia estimates living costs of CA$15,500 per year, not including mandatory health insurance, which is CA$864 per year under the BC Health Plan.

This is possibly the primary reason for International students to seek part-time jobs during the course of their study. It is interesting to note that part-time student jobs in Canada contribute more than $15 billion to the Canadian economy each year, which supports 170,000 Canadian jobs.

What kind of student jobs are available in Canada?

Work off-campus:

According to Citizenship and Immigration Canada, study permit holders in Canada may work off-campus during the course of their study. International students are permitted  to work off-campus without a work permit, if:

1. they are full-time students having a valid study permit;

2. they are enrolled at a designated learning institution* for post-secondary studies or studying a  secondary-level vocational programme in Quebec; or

3. they are studying an academic, vocational or professional training programme of at least six months in duration that will earn them a degree, diploma or certificate.

*Designated Learning Institution is a school in Canada that a student must be accepted before they can qualify for a study permit. 

Here are some examples of places where international students can work off-campus:

  • Companies in their field of study as interns, research assistants or coordinators
  • Banks as tellers, customer service representatives
  • Restaurants as servers, hosts, cooks
  • Stores as customer service representatives, cashiers, designers of store displays, etc.

Work on campus:

Working on campus is a very convenient way of earning while studying and makes for a perfect option for a student resident who has extra time after classes.

Here are just some of the great places where students can work on campus:

  • Administrative offices of universities – Students can be hired as interns, assistants or receptionists
  • Stores and restaurants
  • Bookstores in Campus
  • University libraries
  • Coffee shops

Work as a Co-op student or intern

Some academic programmes mandate work experience as part of the curriculum. In such cases, it becomes easier for international students to explore work opportunities, as the CIC allows foreign students studying such courses to go for a co-op or paid internship programme. But for such programs, they will have to apply for both work permit and study permit.

How many hours are students allowed to work in Canada?

In Canada, once you have completed six months of studies, you can get a permit to work part-time, off-campus for up to 20 hours a week. During semester breaks, you can work full-time. However, you are free to work a lesser number of hours. Students who have enrolled for intensive courses or difficult courses, work for a maximum of 12 hours a week, as recommended by the universities so that their work-study- life balances seamlessly and their studies are not affected.

How much do Part-Time Student jobs pay in Canada?

The average salary for Part-Time For Student jobs is CA$42,565 per year or CA$22 per hour. Students are usually paid by hours for part-time jobs which is about CA$10 an hour.

There is a list of top 5 cities in Canada that are most frequented by international students and the kind of jobs and wages offered there.
Top Part-Time Jobs For Students In Canada

Do you need a permit to work as a student in Canada?

A Canadian Student Visa allows you to work up to a maximum of 20 hours a week in the course of the term under Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) work programs for students. A student can work in Canada during the course of study under the following categories:

In addition to this, spouses or common-law partners of foreign students are eligible for a work permit for the duration as the study permit.

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