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Work together to overcome challenges and help each other grow - as a team.
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Marketing 0 Jobs Available
Tech 5 Jobs Available
Mumbai, Vilnius
Your job will entail:
  1. Architecting and writing REST API with version control.
  2. Writing reusable code and libraries, optimize applications for performance and scalability.
  3. Building distributed micros services. 
  4. Building secured backend API’s to be consumed by multiple applications (e.g. web and mobile).

Experience: 3+ Years

This job will require:
  1. Experience writing node.js + Express + PostgreSQL / mySQL or MongoDB code in production. 
  2. Education - Bachelor or Master in Computer Science.
  3. Experience in profiling, debugging & troubleshooting Node.js processes.
  4. Experience in profiling, debugging & troubleshooting Node.js processes.
Mumbai, Vilnius
Your job will entail:
  1. Developing scalable applications (both Front-end (ReactJS / ReactJS Native and Back-end NodeJS).
  2. Writing reusable code and libraries, optimize applications for performance and scalability.
  3. Design and implementation of low-latency, high-availability, and performance applications.
  4. Building secured backend API's to be consumed by multiple applications (e.g. web and mobile).
  5. Implementation of security and data protection.

Experience: 3+ Years

This job will require:
  1. Experience writing NodeJS + AngularJS/ReactJS + PostgreSQL / mySQL or MongoDB code in production.
  2. Education - Bachelor or Master in Computer Science 
  3. Experience building highly scalable service APIs (REST, SOAP, Microservices) hosted on cloud environment.
Your job will entail:
  1. Focus on creating and delivering secure, private, and reliable computing experiences based on sound business practices. 
  2. Define, develop, execute and maintain a repository of automated and/or manual testing test plans, cases and scripts. 
  3. Build the necessary automated tools to address the testing needs including innovating on test solutions in the big data processing space. 
  4. Focus not only on functionality, but on performance, data security, and data validation. 
  5. Report test status, defects and other quality-related metrics to stakeholders. 
  6. Work closely with your peers across disciplines, influencing the entire engineering team to adopt best practices both in engineering and in agile process. 
  7. Build and contribute to test infrastructure and tools at an early stage. 
  8. Grow your career in a rapidly growing and successful company.

Experience: 2+ Years

This job will require:
  1. Should have hand on knowledge of selenium with Java for Min 2 years.
  2. knowledge of Mobile application testing tools like appium or similar would be a plus.
  3. Proficient in writing testing scripts in test frameworks, do enhancements in framework
  4. Deep understanding of Agile development methodologies.
  5. Basic SQL query knowledge e.g. crud operations etc.
  6. Should be able to work on manual testing as well whenever required.
  7. Working knowledge of SCM (source code management tools), GIT, SVN, Jenkins etc.
  8. Should have manual testing experience too.
Finance 0 Jobs Available
HR and Admin 0 Jobs Available
Compliance 0 Jobs Available
Operations 0 Jobs Available
Risk and Governance 1 Job Available
Responsible for providing preventative and responsive security services. Provide the highest quality of information assurance program to our customers. The role provides security oversight by monitoring and investigating potential security vulnerabilities and threats; performing security data analytics; identifying and addressing potential data loss channels; and staying apprised of potential security challenges through the gathering and processing of market intelligence.
Your job will entail:
  1. Responsible for configuring and maintaining vulnerability assessment tools, as well as performing scans, researching and analyzing vulnerabilities, identifying relevant threats, corrective action recommendations, summarizing and reporting results.
  2. Assist in assessing Third Party Partner vulnerability and security risk.
  3. Understand approaches for addressing vulnerabilities including system patching, deployment of specialized controls, code or infrastructure changes, changes in development processes, cloud and mobile devices.
  4. Developing and producing metrics and reporting on the state of system security, threat, vulnerability and patch management.
  5. Design and deliver actionable Information Security dashboards and scorecards.
  6. Perform and oversee research and conduct assessments of emerging threats.
  7. Familiarity with malicious code identification and common hacker attack techniques.

Experience: 3-5 Years

This job will require:
  1. Experience working in an information security related role managing endpoints in an enterprise environment
  2. Advanced understanding with working experience collecting and tracking threat intelligence
  3. Experience working with tracking, communicating and prioritizing vulnerabilities and cyber threats to an enterprise wide organization
  4. Must possess excellent communication skills (written, verbal). Should be able to work with technical and non-technical individuals alike.
  5. Master’s Degree, Information Systems, Computer Science, Information Security or related field required.
  6. Knowledge of technical infrastructure, networks, databases and systems in relation to IT Security and IT Risk.
  7. Certifications: CISSP, CISA, CEH, PMP.
Customer Support 1 Job Available
Mumbai, Vilnius
The customer support executive is responsible for ensuring all aspects of customer service are ascribed to via contact either electronically or through voice support.
Your job will entail:
  1. Deal directly with customers either by telephone, electronically or Calls.
  2. Obtain and evaluate all relevant information to handle product and service inquiries.
  3. Serve customers by providing product and service information;resolving product and service problems through co-ordination with internal and external departments and/or parties.
  4. Resolve customer complaints through analysis of the problem; providing optimum solutions, expediting correction or adjustment and follow up to ensure resolution.
  5. Maintain customer databases.
  6. Set up new customer accounts.
  7. Perform customer verifications.
  8. Direct requests and unresolved issues to the designated resource.

Experience: 2+ Years

This job will require:
  1. Knowledge of customer service principles and practices.
  2. Knowledge of MS Office applications - Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  3. Numeric, oral and written language applications.
  4. Knowledge of administrative procedures.
Sales 1 Job Available
The Business Development Manager prospects & acquires new business opportunities for InstaReM within a defined vertical of – 1) Education related remittances Or 2) Tour & Travel related remittances – originating from India to abroad countries. The employee will be responsible for initial market research within these verticals, and a multi-pronged outreach approach with the goal of establishing new business leads and converting them to actual revenue for InstaReM.
  The ability to communicate, research and qualify prospective clients, as well as the use of marketing and sales skills with prospective companies over the phone, digital means and face to face are essential to success in this position.
Your job will entail:

The Business Development Manager position acts as the first line of contact wtih prospective clients targeted by InstaReM. The employee will conduct the following responsibilities:

  1. Utilize professional communication, research and qualifying skills, to generate contact information and maintain a database of new potential clients.
  2. Identify and Prospect identified potential clients via cold-call or email or in-person meetings outreach methodologies, whilst meeting or exceeding appointment targets set by the Business Manager.
  3. Contact companies across a defined jurisdiction to introduce InstaReM’s products and services.
  4. Document the result of each communication, update the database and type clear and concise notes after each contact is made with a company.
  5. Outreach strategies should target communications with key decision makers like the CFO or Business Heads.
  6. For the qualified clients, become and be the Account Manager – responsible for starting the relationship.
  7. Support the client onboarding / registration process by coordinating between the client and Compliance of InstaReM.
  8. Meet Revenue goals by meeting the targets on - # of prospects contacted; # of clients on-boarded and Payment volume.
  1. Remittance – outbound from India (AD-I or AD-II)
  2. Banking
  3. Financial Services

Experience: 2+ Years

This job will require:
  1. University or College degree required.
  2. Previous outbound business-to- business – marketing or sales experience is required.
  3. Prior Sales (generating revenue) experience in Remittances from India to abroad with an AD-I bank or AD-II license holding company is a must.
  4. Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  5. Ability to navigate corporate structures to identify decision makers.
  6. High degree of self-motivation and focus, combined with effective organizational and time management skills.
  7. Professional approach to prospective clients coupled with active listening skills and an inquisitive nature.
  8. The ability to work as a team player towards a specific sales goal.
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