10 Best Countries for Software Engineers – Highest Paying Countries

07 May 2024
12 mins read
Written by pranit

Moving abroad as a software engineer is one of the best ways to accelerate your career growth. Many countries across the globe are facing a huge demand for software engineers and related professionals. As a result, there is a swift increase in job opportunities for software engineers. 


Living and working in another country also comes with various perks, including high salaries, a better standard of living, ample growth opportunities, and more. 


If you are ready to move abroad as a software engineer but can’t decide where, check out our list of the highest-paying countries for software engineers. 

Do you know?

  • The software development market is rising sharply and is expected to cross $1.03 Trillion by the end of 2027.[1]
  • Software professionals with some experience earn an average salary of $107,090 per year. [2]
  • The number of software engineers worldwide is expected to reach 28.7 million by 2024.[3]

Overview: Top 10 highest paying countries for software engineer jobs abroad



Top software engineering companies

Top cities

Average annual salary range for software engineers 

Monthly cost of living per person (in USD)

United States

Google, Microsoft, IBM, Meta, Adobe, Amazon

New York, San Francisco, Seattle

Average: $123,577

High: $164,999

Low: $99,996



Radity GmbH, UBS, AxisBits, Microsoft, Accenture

Zurich, Basel, Geneva 

Average: CHF 105’000

High: CHF 125’000

Low: CHF 95’000



TLV Tech, Opinya, Trivium Solutions, Fayrix

Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa

Average: ILS 273,604

High: ILS 339,952

Low: ILS 191,554



Right People Group, Crown Tech Meedo, B5 Digital

Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense

Average: DKK 686.893

High: DKK 852.478

Low: DKK 480.347



Shopify, SAP, Microsoft, Salesforce

Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver

Average: $153,709

High: $157,153




Microsoft, Capegemini, TCS

Oslo, Trondheim, Bergen

Average: NOK 959,566

High: NOK 1,191,924

Low: NOK 671,616



Canva, Altassian, Nash Tech

Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane

Average: $124,920

High: $170,670

Low: $100,000


United Kingdom

Amazon, Google, Meta, Microsoft, IBM

London, Birmingham, Manchester

Average: £52,500

High: £75,000

Low: £42,159



Amazon, Delivery Hero, Zalando, SAP, Amazon Web Services

Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt

Average: €64,390

High: €104,000

Low: €48,000



Ericsson-Worldwide, H&M, Scania, Google, Spotify

Stockholm, Gothenburg,Malmö

Average: 707 000 kr

High: 3 000 000 kr

Low: 500 000 kr


How to Apply?

  1. Research the job market. 
  2. Gain in-demand skills and certifications. 
  3. Create an international standard and ATS-friendly resume. 
  4. Apply online on reliable job portals and reach out directly to the target companies. 

Source: Salary: TalentSalaryExpert, Cost of Living: Livingcost.org, as of 17/04/2024, IST 18:00 hrs

10 Highest paying countries for software engineers

1. USA

The USA is the world’s most powerful economy and is home to some of the biggest tech giants, such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft. It is the best country for software engineers abroad. There are many reasons why software engineers from all over the world dream of working in the States. For starters, the country offers the highest salary to software engineers. 


Finally, the nation is known for its world-class education, advanced infrastructure, hi-tech cities, and glamorous lifestyle, making it a perfect place to live and work. 


The average salary of a software engineer in the USA:


  • For Freshers: The entry-level salary in software engineering jobs in the USA is around $90,000 to $95,000 per year. 
  • For Experienced Candidates: The average salary in the USA for experienced software engineers is between $120,000 to $150,000 per year. 


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2. Switzerland

Switzerland might be a small country, but it is very prosperous. It is among the highest-paying countries for software engineers in the world. Many top companies like IBM, Google, and Microsoft have offices in Switzerland. Working in this beautiful country can offer rewards like higher personal and financial growth, excellent global exposure and a chance to work with world-leading companies. 


The average salary of a software engineer in Switzerland:


  • For Freshers: Freshly graduated software engineers in Switzerland can earn a salary ranging between CHF 95,000 and CHF 100,000. 
  • For Experienced Candidates: The average salary in Switzerland for experienced software engineers ranges from CHF 110,000 to CHF 105,000 per year. 
3. Israel

Israel’s tech sector is emerging as a renowned tech centre. Many global IT companies have their projects in Israel, attracting software professionals from all over the world. Major cities like Tel Aviv are even termed a “startup nation” for their numerous successful startups. 


In addition, Israel is a world leader in terms of cybersecurity. Many established cybersecurity companies are looking for talented professionals to join their organisations. 


The best part about working in Israel is that it is also among the top-paying countries for software engineer jobs overseas. 


The average salary of a software engineer in Israel:


  • For Freshers: Most software engineering freshers in Israel earn an entry-level salary of around ILS 191,554 per year. 
  • For Experienced Candidate: The earning potential of experienced software engineers in Israel is up to ILS 340,000 per annum. 
4. Denmark

Denmark is a beautiful North European country with a strong economy and an emerging financial centre. It is also a great country with ample job opportunities for software engineers. Numerous multinational companies offer impressive salaries and an advanced working environment to candidates. 


Apart from the progressive employment scenario, Denmark offers a beautiful natural landscape. Moreover, major cities like Copenhagen, Odense, and Aarhus are some of the best places in the world to live and work. 


The average salary of a software engineer in Denmark:


  • For Freshers: Most IT companies in Denmark offer a competitive salary of about DKK 480.347 to entry-level software engineers. 
  • For Experienced Candidates: Experienced software engineering professionals can earn as high as DKK 845.478 per annum. 
5. Canada

Canada is one of the best countries for software engineers. Home to some of the best educational institutions and training centres in the world, Canada primarily focuses on training and education. But what makes Canada the best work destination for software engineers is competitive salaries and outstanding work-life balance. 


In addition, the major companies in the country run various initiatives to attract and retain the best talent. Finally, benefits like flexible working hours, paid holidays and parental leaves also make working in Canada highly rewarding for software engineers. 


The average salary of a software engineer in Canada:


  • For Freshers: Entry-level salaries for software engineers in Canada start from CA$100,000 per year. 
  • For Experienced Candidates: The average salary in Canada for experienced software engineers is around a higher limit of CA$153,709. 


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6. Norway

While Norway is famous for its natural beauty and phenomena like the northern lights, its economy and job market are equally attractive. The country offers excellent job opportunities for software engineers. 


The reason behind this is the sharp growth of the country’s economic sector and an increased shortage of skilled professionals. These factors, coupled with an attractive salary package, position Norway as an ideal destination for software engineers to pursue their careers and establish themselves.


The average salary of a software engineer in Norway: 


  • For Freshers: The average salary in Norway for freshly graduated software engineers is around NOK 600,000 to NOK 700,000. 
  • For Experienced Candidates: Software engineers with a few years of experience can earn between NOK 900,000 to NOK 2,000,000 per year. 
7. Australia

Australia is another highly sought-after destination for international job opportunities for software engineers. Many renowned software and IT companies are headquartered in Australia. Apart from growing opportunities and good salaries, Australia offers a wonderful environment to live and work. There are plenty of beaches, national parks, trekking trails, and other sightseeing locations that make it enriching to live there. 


The average salary of a software engineer in Australia:


  • For Freshers: Software engineering freshers earn a salary ranging from AU$90,000 to AU$100,000 per year. 
  • For Experienced Candidates: The average salary in Australia for experienced software engineers is around AU$ 120,000 to AU$ 125,000 per year. 


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8. UK

The United Kingdom is a vast nation with a robust economy and a booming IT sector. It is an excellent country to work as a software engineer and grow your career. By choosing the UK as your work destination, you can enjoy perks like competitive salaries, shorter working hours, diverse work culture, job security and more. 


The average salary of a software engineer in the United Kingdom:


  • For Freshers: The salary range for entry-level software engineers in the UK is £40,000 to £50,000. 
  • For Experienced Candidates: The average annual salary in the UK for experienced software engineers ranges from £60,000 to £80,000. 


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9. Germany

Germany is famous for its world-class education system maintained by its prestigious universities. It is an advanced country with a powerful economy and thriving job market. With a strong and impactful engineering background, Germany offers various opportunities for engineering professionals to work and advance their careers. 


The average salary of a software engineer in Germany:


  • For Freshers: Most software engineering freshers earn a basic salary of around €45,000 to €50,000 per year. 
  • For Experienced Candidates: The average salary in Germany for experienced software engineers ranges between €65,000 and €100,000 per year. 


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10. Sweden

Sweden is a famous Scandinavian country with a population of around 10 million people. It is known for its strong economy, high quality of life, and modern infrastructure. 


Sweden is a great country for software engineers because of its high demand and competitive salaries for IT professionals. Besides, the country also has an excellent education and healthcare system. 


The average salary of a software engineer in Sweden:


  • For Freshers: Entry-level software engineering jobs in Sweden come with a salary range of 500,000 kr to 600,000 kr. 
  • For Experienced Candidates: Experienced software engineers in Sweden can earn up to 3,000,000 kr per annum. 

Software engineer jobs abroad: Country-wise salary of software engineers around the world

software engineer salary




Average Salary 

Salary (in ~ USD)

United States




CHF 105’000



ILS 273,604



DKK 852.478






NOK 959,566





United Kingdom







707 000 kr


Conversion as of 16 April 2024 at 15:00 HRS IST.


Note: The above table depicts the average salaries for software engineers in the top 10 countries. All the currencies have been converted to USD (for creating graphs). 


Currency conversion source: 


Finding software engineering jobs overseas: Do’s & Don’ts

  • Research the job market and most profitable industries. 
  • Learn the in-demand IT skills. 
  • Get familiar with the work ethics and labour laws of the country. 
  • Understand the work visa requirements. 
  • Apply with an ATS-friendly resume to increase your chances of getting hired. 
  • Reach out to people already working in the industry to build a powerful professional network. 
  • Don’t limit yourself to only one country. Instead, apply diligently for multiple vacancies regardless of their location. 
  • Don’t ignore financial planning. Create a budget and think of ways that can support your lifestyle in a foreign country. 
  • Don’t ignore cultural and social differences. Instead, take your time to learn about basic things about your work destination, such as the common slang, traditions, festivals, etc. 
Before you go…

Relocating as a software engineer overseas provides you with unmatched opportunities for your personal and professional development. From offering global exposure to higher salaries, working abroad can be very rewarding and fulfilling. However, it is crucial to navigate this phase with strategic planning and careful execution. 


As you take your final step towards securing a software engineer job abroad, consider understanding the importance of seamless and secure transactions in helping you sustain a comfortable life in a foreign country. 


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Q. Which country pays the highest for software engineers?

The USA and Switzerland are among the highest-paying countries for software engineers and other IT professionals. 


Q. Which country has a demand for software engineers?

The USA and Canada are among the countries with the highest demand for talented software engineers. 


Q. How secure is the job of a software engineer abroad?

Software engineers are among the highest in-demand professionals. While jobs in foreign countries are quite secure due to strict labour laws and work ethics, job security ultimately depends on a country’s economic conditions. 


Q. What is a software engineer’s salary abroad per month?

The monthly salary of a software engineer depends on their experience, skills, and, most importantly, the country they are working in. You can estimate the salary by taking into account the factors above. 


Q. How to get software engineer jobs in foreign countries?

Getting a job as a software engineer in a foreign country requires a proactive approach that includes meeting the eligibility criteria, learning in-demand skills, and applying diligently for the relevant job profiles. 


Q. What is the starting salary for a fresher in software engineering?

The starting salary of a software engineer varies according to their location, company, skills, and experience. In India, the starting salary of a freshly graduated software engineer is around ₹3.45 LPA. 


Q. Is it difficult to get software engineer jobs in foreign countries for freshers?

No. Getting an IT job as a fresher abroad is not very challenging. Many global companies hire freshers with exceptional skills and expertise. To increase your chances of getting selected as a fresher, consider obtaining various certifications and completing relevant internships before applying for a desired post. 





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