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You’ve taken time out to visit our website, so it’s only fair that we give you great value in return with our low fees and great exchange rates. With us you avoid processing and handling fees incurred by using other traditional methods.

Our rates are sourced directly from Reuters and we add only a tiny margin on top of that, which we will show you, upfront, before you proceed, keeping you in total control of your money, always.

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Fees and exchange rates vary by sending amount, currency, payment method and receive country. Please change these parameters to view the applicable fees.


    *Subject to banking partner operating hours and availability, local laws/regulations, and compliance requirements.

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    Why send money with us?

    Cost effective

    Competitive pricing, no hidden fees.


    Usually instant or same day.


    We verify everyone and everything, always.


    Always know the cost. Stay in control.


    Earn reward points when you send money to enjoy even greater value.

    Cash payout

    Receiver can collect as cash. Available in the Philippines.

    Transfer money to Turkey

    Got your dream job abroad, but finding it hard to keep up with financial commitments back home because money transfers to Turkey are just too expensive?

    The cross-border remittances market is dominated by banks and other money transfer operators who often charge a hefty amount in fees and FX margins. Sometimes, you might not even be aware of these hidden fees until you’ve made the transfer.

    We’ve made it our mission to make money transfers to Turkey more affordable, more convenient and more transparent. And here’s how:

    Convenient: We’re 100% digital. No queues, fast sign-up and easy verification.

    Transparent: Unlike some banks, we tell you any fees upfront and keep you up to date on the status of your transaction.

    Affordable: We offer competitive exchange rates, and we charge a nominal fee so you save more on your money transfers to Turkey.

    We’re big on rewards too. You can earn loyalty points on every transaction you make with us. The more you transfer, the more you earn. You can redeem these points as discounts on your future transactions to enjoy better savings.

    Register with us to send money to Turkey.

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    We top up your account with 25 InstaPoints as soon as you Sign Up.

    InstaPoints are loyalty points that you can redeem against your transactions to give you a discount.

    More The InstaPoints, More The Discount.

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