What is the Country Code for Australia – Complete A-Z Guide

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21 May 2024
11 mins read
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The country phone code for Australia is +61. 


This means that if you want to call Australia from another country, you must dial +61 before dialling the given number. For example, to dial an Australian phone number with the country code, dial +61 X XXX XXX XX.


Country codes are important for global communication. If you have been facing issues with country codes when placing phone calls to Australia, this blog is for you. 


Read on to find out how to use country code for calling Australia. 

What is the country code for Australia? : Overview

  • Australia’s country code is +61.
  • Australia’s country abbreviation is AU.
  • Australian mobile numbers have 10 digits, whereas landline numbers are no more than 8 digits.

Australia country code: What are country codes?

Country codes are numeric or alphanumeric codes assigned to different nations and regions, primarily for global communication. These standardized codes allow individuals and entities to call their intended foreign numbers by helping them identify themselves across borders. 

Purpose of country dialling codes

  • Identification of countries: The primary objective of country codes or dialling codes is to facilitate the identification of a country or region associated with the given phone number. By adding a country before the actual number, you mention the destination country you are trying to reach. 
  • Routing global calls: As mentioned above, phone codes for Australia play a pivotal role in the global communication system. They help in routing the directed calls to the right destination, thereby ensuring a smooth and obstacle-free communication channel. 
  • Helps in standardisation: Country codes also help in the standardisation of the international calling system. It guarantees consistency and eliminates any doubt or confusion across various telecommunications providers in different nations. 

What are Australia area codes?

Area codes, as the name suggests, are the codes assigned to different areas or regions within a country. There are a total of 19 area codes for Australia. These codes are used for making calls to a specific area from another country.


In other words, you need to use the area code along with the country code if you want to call an Australian number from outside of Australia. 


For instance, suppose you are trying to call someone in Sydney from India. In this case, you will enter the number as follows:


+61 2 1234 5678


Here, +61 is the country code, is the area code for Sydney, and 12345678 is the Australian number. 


Let’s take a look at the other area codes for Australia:



Area Code







Australian Capital Territory






Central and West Region








South Australia


South East Region


Northern Territory 


North East Region


New South Wales


Central East Region




How to call Australia from a landline

  1. Enter the international access code: To begin with, enter the international access code, which is 00 or 011. 
  2. Enter Australia’s country code: Next, enter the Australian country code, i.e. +61. 
  3. Enter the area code: Next, enter the area code of the Australian city or region you are trying to connect with. For instance, if you are calling Sydney, enter (0)2. Remember to eliminate the ‘0’ if you are calling from outside the country. 
  4. Enter the local number: Finally, enter the local phone number for Australia. 
  5. Hit the call/dial button: That’s all. Press the call button to connect with your desired Australian number using your landline phone. 

How to call Australia from a cell phone?

  1. Enter the international exit code: Similar to the above process, begin with entering the exit code of your country. If you are calling from India, then enter “00”. 
  2. Enter the Australian country code for the phone: Enter Australia’s country code, +61. 
  3. Enter the area code: Next, enter your desired Australian city code.
  4. Enter the Australian mobile number: Finally, enter the local mobile number and hit the call button. 
How to call Australia for free?

Calling an international destination, say Australia, can be expensive looking at the hefty tariff rates in the country. Thankfully, many great applications allow you to call your Australian friends, family, or colleagues for free. Some of the best applications to call Australia for free are as follows:



WhatsApp does not need any introduction as it is one of the most used instant messaging applications. 


With WhatsApp, you can make unlimited audio and video calls to Australia, for no additional cost. All you need to ensure is that both parties have WhatsApp installed on their mobile phones and have a running internet connection. 



Skype is another reliable platform that allows you to make free audio and video calls to Australian Skype users. 


Since it is a common professional networking platform, using it on a regular basis will not be an issue. Further, you can use Skype to call the mobile or landline of other non-Skype users by purchasing a cost-effective subscription. 



Similar to the applications above, Viber also facilitates free audio and video calls between Viber users. 


If both parties have Viber installed on their phones or other devices, then they can make end-to-end calls without paying any charges. 



FaceTime is Apple’s private internet calling application that enables users to conduct video calls anywhere in the world, regardless of the location. 


Although FaceTime is only available for Apple users, it is a great option as it is one of the most used electronics brands in Australia. 


Facebook Messenger

Another free and reliable internet calling application is Facebook Messenger. 


If you and the Australian resident you are trying to reach are on Facebook Messenger, then you can enjoy unlimited free audio and video calls. 


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Why did my call to Australia not work?

There can be multiple reasons why your call to an Australian number may not have connected. Here are the most common reasons behind this issue:


Incorrect country codes: Your call to an Australian number is not working might be due to wrong country or area code. 

Always keep in mind that even the slightest mistake in the format of an international number can restrict you from reaching out to your intended number. 

Thus, cross-check the Australian international code and number format you have used and make sure it is correct.  


Network problems: If you are unable to place a call to Australia even after using the correct country code and phone number, then a poor network connection can be the culprit. 

Another possible issue is a disabled international calling feature on your mobile number. In both cases, it is suggested to consult your network service provider and ask them to resolve the issue. 


Incorrect phone number: If not the country code, then an incorrect Australian phone number might be stopping you from calling Australia. 

So, before trying any other troubleshooting method, consider checking the number you are calling and make sure it is correct. 

+61 country code time: What Is the best time to call Australia?

Australia is a big country and as such has multiple time zones. This means it is a good idea to have an agreement with your Australian friends, colleagues or business partners and call them when they are available. 


But what’s more important is understanding when ‘NOT’ to call Australia:


  • Early mornings/late nights: Whether you are calling your friends or business partners, avoid calling early in the morning or late during the night. Be very considerate about the differences in the time zones, and make sure you are not calling at an inappropriate time. 
  • Holidays: If you are calling for a professional reason, then avoid calling on Australian holidays such as Christmas, Easter, Australia Day, etc. These times, most Australians are busy and prefer celebrating with their families. 
  • Working hours: If you are calling your friends and family, then avoid calling them during their working hours. For personal calls, weekends and holidays are the best time to call. 
  • Weekends Vs weekdays: If you are calling your business or professional connection, then weekdays are the best time to call. On the other hand, weekends are suitable for personal and informal calls. 

Australia – Emergency Numbers

000 is the main emergency number in Australia for any kind of emergency help, including police, ambulance, and fire. If you are facing any issues that need immediate attention, then call 000 from a local phone number. 


According to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), here are the only situations where it is recommended to call the emergency number:


  • Someone near you is critically injured and needs immediate medical attention. 
  • Your life or property is under threat. 
  • You have witnessed a serious crime or incident that needs immediate attention. 

Sending and receiving money in Australia

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Q. What is Australia’s 2-letter country code? 

The two-letter country code for Australia is AU. It is used for various purposes, such as recognising the country, forming top-level domains (TLDs), and so on. 


Q. Is Australia’s country code +61 or 04?

Australia’s country code is +61. It is an international country telephone code for Australia. On the other hand, 04 is the prefix used by cellphone numbers within Australia. 

For instance, if you want to dial an Australian mobile number (0413 456 789) from India, then you would dial the number after +61 and ignore the first zero like this:

+61 413 456 789. 


Q. How do I dial a +61 number?

If you want to dial a +61 number, you simply start by entering the international exit code (00 or +), followed by the dialling code in Australia and then enter the Australian number without including the first zero “0”. 

For example, if you want to dial an Australian number, 05 123 456 789, you can dial +615 123 456 789. 


Q. What area code is 61 in Australia?

The area codes in Australia are assigned to different cities and regions within the country. However, area code 61 doesn’t belong to any Australian city or territory. By adding the international dialling prefix (+), 61 becomes +61, which is the global dialling code for Australia. 


Q. Can I call Australia on WhatsApp?

Yes. You can use WhatsApp to call an Australian user, given that they are also using the same application. This method of making international calls is fast, quick and most importantly cost-effective. 


Q. How can I call from India to Australia?

To call an Australian number from India, use the country code +61 before the number. If the number has “0” as a prefix, then you should drop it from the number after adding the country code. Here is how:


  • Australian number: 02 234 456 678
  • How to dial from India: +612 234 456 678
  • What app can I use to call Australia?

Numerous applications are available to you to make worldwide phone calls over the Internet. Some of the best ones include WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Google Meets, FaceTime, and many more. 


Q. How to write an Australian mobile number with an area code?

If you are calling the Australian mobile number from within the country, then you don’t need to dial any country or area code. However, if you are dialling from outside Australia, here is the format you need to follow:


+61 {Australian Area Code} {Australian Mobile Number}



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