What is the country code for Ireland – Complete A-Z Guide

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13 Jun 2024
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Ireland’s country code is +353. 


Ireland is an exquisite country known for its rolling green hills, beautiful landscapes, and welcoming people. Whether you are planning a visit to Ireland or have a friend or business partner in the country, there are many instances where you will need to make calls to Ireland. 


So, how to call Ireland without getting entangled between international dialling codes and format? Read on!

What is the country code for Ireland? : Overview

  • Ireland’s country code is +353. 
  • Ireland’s country abbreviation (2-digit ISO) is IE. 
  • The 3-digit Ireland international code is IRL. 

Ireland country code: What are country codes?

Country codes are the unique alphabetical or numeric codes assigned to different countries worldwide. They help represent the country in a global communication system. 

For example, when a number starts with +353, the telecommunication service providers route the call to Ireland. Similarly, a +91 number tells the service providers to connect the call to India. 

Purpose of country dialling codes
  • Global representation of countries: As mentioned above, the main objective of assigning country codes is to identify the countries in the global communication system. These unique codes help the network service providers understand the destination of the call. 
  • Standardisation of international calling system: Another purpose and benefit of country dialling codes is to bring uniformity to the international calling landscape. In other words, you can call anyone using the same international dialling format but a different country and area code. 
  • Elimination of ambiguity from global calling scenario: Country codes also help eliminate ambiguity from the international calling landscape. They ensure that the call reaches its intended destination without getting lost or blocked. 

What are Ireland area codes? 

Area codes are assigned to cities, regions, and dependent areas of a country. They are used along with the country code and facilitate global communication by providing the recipient’s exact destination. 


It is important to note that Ireland area codes are only used for making landline calls. No area code or city code is needed for calling Irish mobile numbers. 


Below are the main area codes in Ireland:



Area Code











































How to call Ireland from a landline?

Following is the step-by-step procedure for calling Ireland using a landline telephone:


  • Step 1: Begin by entering the international access code on your telephone’s dial pad. Note that the global access code varies from country to country, so make sure to use the code specific to your country. 
  • Step 2: Enter 365, the Ireland country code for the phone. This will help the telecommunication carriers route your call to the specified global destination. 
  • Step 3: Enter the area phone code of the Irish city you want to call. For instance, enter 1 for Dublin, 91 for Galway, and so on. The Ireland city codes are mentioned in the table above. 
  • Step 4: Next, carefully enter the phone number for Ireland. 
  • Step 5:  That’s it. You may now press the dial button.


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How to call Ireland from a cell phone?

Follow the below instructions to call Ireland using your mobile phone:


  • Step 1: Open your smartphone’s dial pad and enter ‘+’. 
  • Step 2: Enter the Ireland international code or dialling code without any asterisk or symbol. 
  • Step 3: Enter the area phone code of the region your recipient is based in. If you are calling an Irish mobile number, you do not need to enter the area code. 
  • Step 4: Input your recipient’s mobile number after ensuring that it is correct and active. 
  • Step 5:  There you go! Enter the dial icon. 

How to call Ireland for free?

The traditional method of calling through the network service incurs charges that are usually higher than domestic call rates. In fact, these hefty calling rates are the reason why most people avoid making international calls unless absolutely necessary. 


But if you look the other way round, there is a way you can make unlimited calls to Ireland (or any other country) for free. It is through Internet calling features that come with VoIP-based applications. If you and your recipient have the same Internet calling application, then you can conduct free calls over the Internet. 


Below are the most common applications you can use to call Ireland for free:


  • WhatsApp: WhatsApp is the most reliable and secure way to make free calls to overseas WhatsApp users. Because it is the most used instant messaging application in the world, you will not have to worry about availability issues. Another benefit of WhatsApp is that it offers end-to-end encryption to ensure your privacy and data security. 
  • Viber: If you don’t want to use WhatsApp to call your colleagues and business partners, Viber is a great alternative. This application allows you to make video and voice calls to fellow Viber users in Ireland. The main highlight of Viber is that it can also be used to call landlines and non-Viber users at an affordable price.
  • Skype: Skype is quite similar to Viber. You can use it to make high-quality and free-of-cost audio/video calls to Skype users regardless of their location. It also offers affordable international calling plans for calling non-Skype users. 
  • Google Meet: Google Meet is the best solution for making free business calls to Ireland. It allows you to conduct high-quality video conferences with your clients and stakeholders regardless of their physical location. In addition to formal calls, you can use Google Meet to carry out personal group calls, virtual celebrations, and so on. 
  • FaceTime: If you are an Apple user, you can use Apple’s video conferencing application, FaceTime, to connect with your friends and other contacts in Ireland. Since FaceTime is an exclusive app for Apple devices, you can only use it to contact other Apple users. 


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Why did my call to Ireland not work?

Multiple things can go wrong when dialling an international number. If you are unable to call Ireland, there could be several reasons behind it. A few of them are listed below:


  • Wrong country code: The country code is primary when making an international phone call. If you have used an incorrect country-calling code of Ireland, you will not be able to make the call. 
  • Wrong area code: Similar to the country code, a wrong area code can also prevent you from calling your desired recipients in Ireland. Thus, refer to the Ireland city codes and make sure you are using the correct code. 
  • Inactive or incorrect phone number: Another possible reason for your failed calls to Ireland is an incorrect or inactive phone number. In other words, the number you are trying to call might not have an active user. It is also possible that the number has some missing or misplaced numbers. So, reconfirm the same with your recipient and try calling again. 
  • International calling barrier: Unless you are using a free calling app, you must have an international calling plan to be able to make overseas calls. In this case, check with your service provider and purchase a suitable plan. 
  • Network issues: Many times, the network issues also prevent the callers from making international calls. Any network issue at your or the recipient’s end may hinder the completion of the call. 

+353 country code time: What Is the best time to call Ireland?

The answer to this question depends on your location, the availability of your recipient, and the purpose of your call. Depending on these factors, we have outlined a few tips to help you establish a fruitful conversation with your recipients in Ireland.


  • Weekdays for formal calls: For all kinds of business-related calls, consider calling during the weekdays, i.e. Monday to Friday. Avoid making professional calls during weekends. 
  • Weekends and holidays: Weekends and holidays are great for making personal calls to your family and friends. At these times, your recipients are much less likely to be busy or occupied. 
  • Working hours: Always make formal calls during business hours and informal calls after working hours for the convenience of your recipients. 
  • Check availability: Instead of directly calling your Irish recipients, consider learning about their availability. Making an appointment and planning ahead will ensure the best outcome from the call. 
  • Use timezone converters: If you are unsure when to call, utilise a good timezone converter tool. Then, find a suitable time as per the availability of the callee. 

Dialling code in Ireland – Emergency Numbers

Whether you are stuck on land or water, there are a few ways to call emergency numbers in Ireland. Let’s learn about them one by one:


  • 112: This is a toll-free number for medical emergencies. Call on this number if you or someone you know is critically injured, ill, or at risk of dying. Calling 112 will help you access ambulance services. 
  • 116: Multiple 116 numbers in Ireland are reserved for Harmonised Services of Social Value. Some of the most useful numbers are:
    • 116000: It is a missing child hotline. You can call this if your child is missing or you have come across a lost child. 
    • 116111: It is a child helpline that can be called if a child is facing any kind of abuse or attack. 
    • 116006: It is an emergency number available for the victims of crime in Ireland. Interestingly, Ireland is among the only two countries with such a helpline. 
    • 116123: It is an emotional support helpline in Ireland. If you are dealing with stress, anxiety, or depression, then you can dial 116123. 
  • 999: In Ireland, 999 is a general emergency number that can be used to call an ambulance, lifeguard, fire brigade, and other related services. 
  • VHF Channel 16: If you are facing an emergency on a vessel, you can use the radio to call channel 16 for immediate assistance. If there is no radio available on your boat, you can call 112 for the Coast Guard. 

Sending and receiving money in Ireland

Transferring money across borders is a bigger challenge than making international calls. Thankfully, there are international fund transfer platforms like Instarem that make it very convenient and cost-effective to send and receive money from abroad. 


Instarem offers a user-friendly application that allows you to transfer funds abroad just like making local transactions. The main highlights of Instarem are its low exchange rates, competitive service charges, and availability in more than 60+ countries worldwide. 


This means you can make international transactions fast**, reliably, and cost-effectively#. 


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Q. What is Ireland’s 2-letter country code? 

IE is the two-letter country code for Ireland. The three-letter ISO code for the country is IRL. 


Q. How do I dial a +353 number?

+353 is the international country telephone code for Ireland. You can dial an Irish number using the following format:

International exit code + (353)+ (Ireland city code) + phone number for Ireland

Note that no area code is required for cell phone numbers. You can call directly by adding +353 as a suffix. 


Q. What area code is 353 in Ireland?

The code 353 does not belong to any area or region within Ireland. It is a country code used for making calls to Ireland. 


Q. Can I call Ireland on WhatsApp?

Yes. If your recipient is available on WhatsApp and has good internet connectivity, then you can surely call them using WhatsApp. 


Q. How can I call from India to Ireland?

There are several ways to call Ireland from India. You can either use international paid calling services or make free calls on VoIP apps like WhatsApp and Skype. 


Q. What app can I use to call Ireland?

There are many applications for calling Ireland. Some of the best ones include WhatsApp, Google Meet, Google Voice, Skype, and FaceTime. 


Q. How to write an Ireland mobile number with an area code?

You don’t need an area code to call a mobile number in Ireland. You can simply dial the number after entering Ireland’s country code, +353. Below is the format:

[International exit code] + [353] +[ mobile number for Ireland]



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