10 Highest Paying Countries for Pharmacists: Top Companies & Avg Salary

27 Jun 2024
14 mins read
Written by pranit

The highest paying countries for pharmacists are the USA, Switzerland, Denmark, Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany,  Sweden and UAE, each renowned for their well-established healthcare systems and competitive compensation packages. 


In addition, these countries offer a variety of job opportunities in pharmacy spread across different sectors, ranging from hospital and clinical pharmacy to retail and community pharmacy. This blog delves into understanding the average pharmacist salary, top companies, top cities, and the cost of living in these countries to pave the way for making well-informed decisions. 

Do you know?

  • According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, for the decade 2022 – 2032, employment opportunities for pharmacists are projected to grow by 3%. Nearly 13,400 job openings are expected each year over the decade[1]. Outpatient Care Centers are the top-paying industry, with an annual mean wage of USD 1,64,180[2].
  • In 2022, the number of pharmacists in the UK increased by 4,294, a 7.55% increase from 2021. The total number of pharmacists was 61,142, the highest observed during 2004-2022[3]. The salaries for UK pharmacists increased by 2.6% in 2022[4].
  • The median full-time earnings per week is AUD 2,071 as compared to AUD 1,697 for all other occupations[5].

Overview: 10 Highest Paying Countries for Pharmacists



Top Companies

Top Cities

Average Annual Base Salary Range for Pharmacists

Single Person Estimated Cost of Living (USD per month)

United States of America

Best Nest Management


CVS Health

Price Chopper Supermarkets

RPh on the Go






Average: USD 1,19,878

Low: USD 88,000

High: USD 1,47,000

USD 1,169




Lausanne University Hospital









Average: CHF 76,040

Low: CHF 195.74

High: CHF 1,13,000

CHF 1,478 (1,652.9)



Harris Teeter

eTeam Inc

ReGenesis Health Care

Instramed Plus






Average: DKK 6,38,400

Low: DKK 3,19,200

High: DKK 9,90,000

DKK 8,064 (1,160.7)


Le Groupe Jean Coutu (PJC) inc.


Save on Foods

London Health Sciences Centre

Nova Scotia Health Authority






Average: CAD 95,864

Low: CAD 61,000

High: CAD 1,22,000

CAD 1,446.10 (1052.2)


Advance Pharmacy

Wallace Myers International

St. James’s Hospital


TTM Healthcare


North Dublin





Average: EUR 59,976

Low: EUR 41,000

High: EUR 82,000

EUR 981.50 (1053.8)

United Kingdom



NHS Healthcare Support Workers

Practice Plus Group

Nuffield Health






Average: GBP 39,225

Low: GBP 29,000

High: GBP 50,000

GBP 811.8 (1,034.9)


South Eastern Sydney Local Health District

St Vincent’s Health Australia

Department of Health

NSW Health

Western Sydney Local Health District



Sunshine Coast





Gold Coast


Average: AUD 75,220

Low: AUD 51,000

High: AUD 1,00,000

AUD 1,668.3




OpSec Security Group

Procter & Gamble








Average: EUR 41,142

Low: EUR 30,000

High: EUR 67,000

EUR 979





Thermo Fisher Scientific

Johnson & Johnson






Average: SEK 2,62,000

Low: SEK 37,000

High: SEK 4,27,000

SEK 10,182.5



Aster DM Healthcare

Aster Pharmacy


Digital Pharmacist

Super-Care Pharmacy

Abu Dhabi

Umm al-Quwain City




Average: AED 68,605

Low: AED 6,000

High: AED 1,56,000

AED 3,605.6




  • Cost of living includes average costs for transportation and basic amenities like food and grocery bills, etc. The cost of living excludes rent.



10 Highest Paying Countries for Pharmacists

1. The United States of America – Avg Salary (USD 1,19,878)

The United States of America is widely recognised as one of the best countries for pharmacists due to its high demand and dynamic healthcare landscape. The transition to the Pharm D (Doctor of Pharmacy) degree for new graduates has increased the scope of services a pharmacist can offer, creating more job opportunities than ever.


The average pharmacist’s salary based on experience is as follows:

  • Entry-level – Entry-level pharmacists can earn an annual salary of USD 1,04,822 yearly.
  • Experienced Professionals – Experienced pharmacy professionals can earn up to USD 1,47,044 yearly. 


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2. Switzerland – Avg Salary (CHF 76,040)

Switzerland is renowned for its top-notch pharmaceutical industry. Some well-known and reputed pharmaceutical companies have established their headquarters there, offering compelling opportunities for pharmacists to pursue their careers in Switzerland. Common pharmacist-related jobs in Switzerland are Hospital Pharmacist, Community Pharmacist, Industrial Pharmacist, and Clinical Pharmacist.


Language proficiency is a key criterion for securing a pharmacy job in Switzerland. Pharmacists must pass the language proficiency test specific to the region to qualify for the job position.


The average pharmacist’s salary based on experience is as follows:

  • Entry-level – At entry-level, pharmacists with 1 to 4 years of experience in Switzerland can earn CHF 73,000 per year.
  • Experienced pharmacists – Experienced pharmacists with 5 to 9 years of experience can earn CHF 112,000 per year.
3. Denmark – Avg Salary (DKK 6,38,400)

Denmark has leading pharmaceutical companies, such as Novo Nordisk and LEP Pharma.  It has an excellent healthcare system and cutting-edge research facilities for cancer, diabetes care, and other infectious diseases, providing diverse job opportunities with competitive salaries. 


The high standard of living and the focus on work-life balance has made it an attractive destination for professionals. In addition, it offers professional growth opportunities for a long-term career.


The average pharmacist’s salary based on experience is as follows:

  • Entry-level – At entry-level, pharmacists with 0 to 2 years of experience in Denmark can earn DKK 3,82,800 annually.
  • Experienced pharmacists – Experienced pharmacists with 10-15 years of experience can earn DKK 8,08,800 annually.
4. Canada – Avg Salary (CAD 95,864)

Working as a Pharmacist in Canada provides access to several compelling benefits and opportunities. 


Due to increased demand arising from expansion and the need for replacement, approximately 16,000 new job openings are expected between 2022 and 2031. Around 20,000 job seekers, including recent graduates and immigrants, are expected to fill these positions. 


The demand for patient-centred care has driven pharmacists to seek roles specific to preventive healthcare, chronic disease management, and medication therapy management. The average pharmacist’s salary per hour is CAD 49.97. 


The average pharmacist’s salary based on experience is as follows:

  • Entry-level – Candidates starting their pharmacy career can earn CAD 78,000 annually.
  • Experienced Professionals – Experienced pharmacists can make up to CAD 1,41,147 annually. 


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5. Ireland – Avg Salary (EUR 59,976)

A pharmacy career in Ireland offers numerous advantages, including abundant professional opportunities and a high standard of living.


Pharmacists often choose Ireland for its safe, family-friendly environment, flexible work schedules, straightforward registration process, and excellent work-life balance. 


Retail pharmacists enjoy stable careers with patient interaction, community engagement, and ongoing professional development.


The average pharmacists salary based on experience is as follows:

  • Entry-level – At entry-level, pharmacists can expect a salary of EUR 51,910 annually.
  • Experienced professionals – An experienced pharmacist in Ireland can make up to EUR 71,000 annually. 
6. The United Kingdom – Avg Salary (GBP 39,225)

If you are a highly qualified and experienced pharmacist seeking jobs abroad, the United Kingdom is a great option. Pharmacists in the UK can work in three types of pharmacy jobs: Primary Care, Community, and Hospital. 


Primary Care Pharmacists can work as practice Pharmacists or for a Primary Care Trust to provide professional development advice, prescribing advice, and medicine management. Community Pharmacists can work in chemist shops and are responsible for providing medical advice, selling and supplying medicines, and counselling patients. Hospital pharmacists work in hospitals and are responsible for advising on the prescription and dosage of medicines, purchasing, quality testing and dispensing medications. 


The average pharmacist’s salary based on experience is as follows:

  • Entry-Level – Pharmacists at the entry level with less than 1 year of experience can expect to earn GBP 34,815 annually.
  • Experienced Professionals – Experienced pharmacists can earn up to GBP 48,168  annually. 
7. Australia – Avg Salary (AUD 75,220)

Australia presents an attractive destination for pharmacy jobs abroad. Registered pharmacists in Australia enjoy community involvement, career advancement, stability, flexibility, and competitive salaries. They can work in various sectors, including hospitals, retail businesses, government bodies, the pharmaceutical industry, and the armed services.


In Australia, there is also a classification called “Pharmacist-only medications”, which means medications dispensed from a pharmacy without a prescription under the supervision and acknowledgement of a pharmacist.


The average pharmacist’s salary based on experience is as follows:

  • Entry-level – At entry-level, pharmacists can expect to earn AUD 92,335 annually.
  • Experienced pharmacists – Experienced pharmacists in higher job positions can earn up to AUD 1,30,000 per year.


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8. Germany – Avg Salary (EUR 41,142)

Germany has a well-established healthcare system. Pharmacists play a pivotal role in ensuring patient care and dispensing medications. 


The demand for pharmacists has remained notably substantial and relatively stable across different regions. Pharmacists are authorised to provide pharmaceutical consultations, dispense medications, offer over-the-counter recommendations and manage medication therapy.


According to ABDA (German Pharmacists’ Association), at the end of 2022, there were close to 70,000 pharmacists in Germany, with this count continuing to increase. 


The average pharmacist’s salary based on experience is as follows:

  • Entry-level – An entry-level pharmacist can earn a salary of EUR 35,756 annually.
  • Experienced pharmacists – An experienced pharmacist with 5-10 years of work experience can earn a salary of EUR 49,132 annually.


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9. Sweden – Avg Salary (SEK 2,62,000)

Sweden is one of the many countries where the role of pharmacists has greatly changed over the years. They offer ample opportunities to grow with attractive salaries. Pharmacists in Sweden were primarily engaged only in dispensing medicines. With the development of the healthcare system, pharmacists are now clinically involved in patient care.


In addition, the pharmaceutical industry is highly regulated with different business models established, including community and hospital pharmacies. 


The average pharmacist’s salary based on experience is as follows:

  • Entry-level – At entry-level, pharmacists with 1 to 4 years of experience in Sweden can earn SEK 4,02,781 per year.
  • Experienced pharmacists – Experienced pharmacists with 5 to 9 years of experience can earn SEK 4,21,083 per year.
10. United Arab Emirates – Avg Salary (AED 68,605)

The UAE is a sought-after destination for pharmacy jobs overseas. With modern healthcare facilities, pharmacists find ample career growth opportunities.


The country’s cultural similarities make it appealing for jobs for Indians. Applicants can choose between the Emirates to work by getting the licences as applicable from the Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD) for Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, the Dubai Health Authority for Dubai, and the Ministry of Health and Prevention for the remaining emirates of the UAE. 


The average pharmacist’s salary based on experience is as follows:

  • Entry-level – An entry-level pharmacist with less than 1 year of experience can earn AED 48,893.
  • Experienced Professionals – A pharmacist with over 20 years of experience can earn AED 1,51,200. 

Pharmacist jobs abroad: Country-wise salary of Pharmacists around the world




Average Salary 

Salary (in ~ USD)

United States of America

USD 1,19,878



CHF 76,040



DKK 4,90,000



CAD 95,864



EUR 59,976


United Kingdom

GBP 39,225



AUD 75,220



EUR 41,142



SEK 2,62,000



AED 60,579



Note: The above table depicts the average salaries for pharmacists in the top 10 countries. All the currencies have been converted to USD (for creating graphs). 


Conversion as of 6th June 2024 at 13:27 HRS IST.


Currency conversion tool: 


Other emerging countries

Apart from the countries mentioned above, many other countries are also experiencing a high demand for pharmacists and offering competitive salaries. Some of the emerging countries for pharmacists are:

  • France
  • Austria
  • Norway
  • Belgium
  • Netherlands

Different Types of Pharmacists Jobs


Types of Pharmacist Jobs 

Average Annual Salary (USD)



Director of Pharmacy


Clinical Pharmacist


Staff Pharmacist






Pharmacy Manager


Pharmacy Specialist


Pharmacy Dispenser


Pharmacy Assistant


Pharmacy Clerk


Pharmacy Technician



Note: The above table illustrates the national average salary for the United States of America.

Source: https://www.indeed.com/career-advice/finding-a-job/pharmacy-career-options

Finding Pharmacist Jobs Abroad: Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do research on how to get pharmacy jobs in foreign countries. Also, look out for the country’s requirements specific to the qualifications, certifications, and licences for pursuing a career as a pharmacist. It is important to abide by the regulations and qualify for the jobs for pharmacists.
  • Understand the various types of pharmacies in the country, such as retail pharmacies, clinic pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, and more.
  • Do invest time in learning the region’s local language to establish effective communication with the patients and other colleagues.
  • Connect with pharmacists abroad through social media groups, professional networks or forums to discuss the international job opportunities for pharmacists and their lifestyles. Their insights can be beneficial to finding the right opportunities and the application processes. 
  • Be familiar with the visa and work permit requirements specific to the country. This will help you avoid discrepancies after moving and securing a high-profile job in the country.
  • Don’t ignore the cost of living. While the country can offer attractive salary benefits, the cost of living can be significantly higher, offsetting the salary advantages.
  • Don’t ignore the cultural differences in the work environment, as they can create difficulties in adjusting to the routine and working conditions. 
  • Don’t forget the scope of career growth prospects and stability in the job opportunities for pharmacy in the country to ensure long-term career potential and job security before making the big move.  

Before you go

One of the most important trusted professions, pharmacists, is dedicated to improving patients’ health with compassionate care and expert knowledge. 


We have reviewed the top 10 highest-paying countries for pharmacists, considering factors like average salary, entry-level and experienced salaries, and cost of living. It is important to assess individual preferences, and educational qualifications, and compare them with the requirements for pharmacy jobs abroad before making a well-informed decision.


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Q. Which country pays the highest for Pharmacy?

The United States of America (Avg Salary – USD 1,19,878) pays the highest salary for pharmacists. It offers diverse job opportunities in wide-ranging fields. 


Q. Which country has a demand for pharmacists?

Considering the highest pay offered for pharmacists in countries such as the USA, Switzerland, Canada, Denmark, Ireland, the UK and Australia, the demand is expected to be higher. Moreover, with their expanding healthcare services, ageing population, increasing healthcare needs and ample job opportunities, these countries have a high demand for pharmacists. 


Q. Which field of pharmacy has the highest salary?

A management profile in pharmacy, such as Pharmacist-in-Charge (Avg Salary – USD 1,79,912) and Director of Pharmacy (Avg Salary – USD 1,60,152) and specialisations, such as Clinical Pharmacist (Avg Salary – USD 1,51,410) can offer the highest salary.


Q. Which company is best to work as a Pharmacist?

The ideal company for pharmacists varies according to their career goals. Hospital pharmacies provide clinical experience, pharmaceutical firms offer research opportunities, and community pharmacies focus on retail services and patient interaction. 


Top global companies include Best Nest Management (USA), Roche (Switzerland), and Total Med (Denmark).


Q. What is the starting salary for a fresher in Pharmacy?

Starting salaries for pharmacy jobs in foreign countries for freshers differ between countries. It depends on factors like educational qualification, job profile, and demand. For example, the starting salary for a fresher in the USA and Canada is USD 1,04,822 and CAD 78,000, respectively.


Q. How secure is the job of Pharmacy abroad?

Pharmacists benefit from strong job security due to the nature of their work, with opportunities available in both private and government sectors. Job security is influenced by factors such as a country’s healthcare system, economic conditions, and demographics, so thorough research before applying is essential.


Q. What is a Pharmacy salary per month?

The pharmacy salary abroad per month differs from country to country based on their healthcare system, job profiles, and demand. For example, the average salary per month for some of the highest paying countries for pharmacists is USD 9,989.83 (USA), CHF 6,336,66 (Switzerland) and DKK 53,200 (Denmark).



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