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10 Jul 2024
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The monthly cost of living in France is € 953.8 for a single person, € 461 for a student & € 3,395.9 for a family of four.


Living in France brings great experiences to explore new places and cultures, including the cost of living in the country, from visiting the Eiffel Tower in Paris to strolling on the streets of Bordeaux. 


But before immersing yourself in the wonderful experiences of France, you must know how much is the cost of living in France. In this blog, you will find all the information related to the cost of living in this beautiful country, the best cities to live in, what is a good salary in France for a comfortable living and much more. 

Overview of Cost of Living in France

  • The cost of living in France for a single person (without rent) = € 953.8 monthly and  ~ € 11,445.6 annually.
  • The cost of living in France for a family of 4 (without rent) = € 3,395.9 monthly and  ~ € 40,750.8 annually.
  • The cost of living for students in France (without rent) = € 461 monthly and  ~ € 5,532 annually. 

Do You Know?

  • The Paris Sciences et Lettres – PSL Research University Paris is ranked the number 1 university in France and 40 in the World University Ranking 2024.[1]
  • The cost of living in France is € 1420, 1.48 times more expensive than the world average.[2]
  • As per Numbeo, the cost of living in France, on average, is 201.9% higher than in India.[3]

A Glance at the Average Cost of Living Expenses in France



Type of Expense




Clothing And Shoes


Sports And Leisure




Utilities (Monthly)


Rent Per Month





Average Cost of Living in France- Single vs Student vs Family



Type of expense

Avg. cost per month for student

Avg. cost per month for a single

Avg. cost per month for family

Housing & rent

€ 550

€ 728

€ 1398


€ 145

€ 487

€ 1262


€ 48

€ 93

€ 252

Utility (electricity, water, heating, etc. )

€ 140

€ 98.4

€ 152


€ 100

€ 87.3-100

€ 300-500


Avg. cost of living for students: Shiksha

An Overview of Monthly Rents in France


Expense Category 


Avg. cost per month 


1-bedroom apartment (in the city centre)

€ 736

1-bedroom apartment (outside the city centre)

€ 565

3-bedroom apartment (in the city centre)

€ 1436

3-bedroom apartment (outside the city centre)

€ 1161


Cost of Living in France Citywise


Type of expense






Monthly Salary (after taxes)

€ 2904

€ 2640

€ 2322

€ 2600

€ 2404

Cost of living (single)

€ 2054

€ 1402

€ 1384

€ 1333

€ 1487

Cost of living (family)

€ 5135

€ 3460

€ 3386

€ 3318

€ 4090

Rent (single)

€ 1153

€ 687

€ 687

€ 633

€ 784

Rent (family)

€ 2396

€ 1308

€ 1280

€ 1198

€ 1642

Food (single)

€ 551

€ 482

€ 515

€ 490

€ 490

Food (family)

€ 1411

€ 1242

€ 1331

€ 1262

€ 1267



€ 228

€ 122

€ 76.4

€ 93.6

€ 102



€ 605

€ 327

€ 211

€ 251

€ 286

The overall quality of life







Note: The above expenses are average costs in €

Tax Scenario

Regardless of your income level in France, you must know the tax rate. Taxes play a crucial role in managing finances. The tax system in France is simple and progressive. That means you need to pay higher taxes with higher income levels. Here are the details. 


Taxable net annual income (in installments)

Tax Rate

Up to € 11,294


From € 11,295 to € 28,797 


From € 28,798 to € 82, 341 


From € 82,342 to € 177, 106


Above € 177,106 



In addition to income tax, individuals must also be aware of Social Charges, which can significantly add to the tax burden. 

What salary do you need to live in France?

France’s inflation rate is also rising like any other country. Already known as one of the most expensive countries to live in, the people here are affected more due to the rising inflation rate. Thus, it becomes crucial to earn a good salary to live comfortably. 


According to Salary Explorer, the average salary in France is € 49,700, and the lowest is €  12,500 per year. As mentioned, a single person typically spends between € 953.8 to € 1,000 per month, totaling € 11,445.6 to € 12,000 annually on basic expenses.


However, if an individual wishes to live comfortably and create wealth in France, they should aim to earn at least € 42,800 to € 64,900 annually.


Also read: Average Salary in France

What should be your monthly budget to live in France?



Student (€)

Single (€)

Family (€)


550 -777

728 – 800

1398 – 1480 


140 – 150

98 – 100

182 – 190


145 – 150

487 – 500

1262 – 1300


48 – 50

93 – 100

252- 260

Other (entertainment, shopping, personal care)

100 – 200 

100 – 200

200 -250 


838 – 1310

1548 -1720

3294 – 3426


##The values mentioned are based on consumer prices and a person’s average living expenses. It is advised to consider factors like monthly income, location, spending habits and specific monthly expenditures to calculate an accurate budget. 

Do’s and Don’ts


Create a Budget

Your first step should be creating a budget and calculating the cost of living in France. List all your expenses, such as groceries, rent, transportation, entertainment, etc, and also allot some funds for emergencies


Open a Savings Account

Having a savings account in a bank is essential to save money more religiously. Your bank account details will be required to verify your financial status for tax purposes. 


Live Away from City

Living in major cities like Paris may seem exciting, but it can be financially taxing. Thus,  choose an affordable city where you can save money while living a more quaint lifestyle. 


Cook Your Meals

France is known for its delicious delicacies and desserts. However, consider cooking at home instead of ordering takeout. Preparing meals at home will benefit your health and your pocket. 


Eliminate Unnecessary Expenses

Adding unnecessary expenses can also impact your finances. Cut down the expenses that do not fall under the list of necessities, including subscriptions to online entertainment platforms, shopping without needs, and dining in expensive restaurants. 


Impulsive Buying

Impulsive purchases driven by boredom or tempting discounts can harm your bank balance. Try to control your urges to purchase things that you do not need.


Online Grocery Shopping

Shopping for groceries online may seem convenient initially, but it can burden your finances in the long term. Online shopping sites usually charge heavy delivery fees that add to your regular bill. Instead, buy your groceries from local convenience stores or farmer’s markets. 


Taking Loan

Taking any loan while living abroad can be a significant burden. To stay debt-free, avoid any type of formal or informal loans. If you need to make a purchase, it is better to save up and buy. 


Not Having Health Insurance

Is it expensive to live in France? Yes, and healthcare in the country is no less costly. It’s essential to have sufficient health insurance, whether a student, single, or with a family. This ensures you receive necessary medical care and protects you from high expenses.


Ignoring Exchange Rates

If you send money from France to any other country or vice versa, note the currency exchange rates carefully. High exchange rates often lead to heavy financial burdens and affect international transactions.  

Top Cost-Effective Cities in France To Live


If you seek a vibrant atmosphere, Montpellier is ideal. It’s a student hub in southern France, perfect for young professionals. With a moderate population, it offers charm, bustling streets akin to Paris, and numerous cafes and restaurants for socializing.


The average cost of living in Montpellier with rent is € 1342 per month. 


Nates is located in the west of France; the city is known for its green and sustainable lifestyle. It is quite an affordable place to live, especially if you are someone who leads or wants to lead a sustainable lifestyle with fewer means. It is considered one of the safest places in France and might be a good place for families or couples looking to live a quaint and peaceful life. 


The average cost of living in Nantes with rent is € 1372 per month. 


The capital of France’s Grand Est Region, Strasbourg, is also cost-effective and to live appropriately as per France’s standard of living. The place has easy accessibility to many places, provides quality life and has plenty of places to explore and visit. 


The average cost of living in Strasbourg with rent is € 1092 per month. 


Lille is one of the most popular choices for expats to live in France. The place is a metropolis with cafes and restaurants always filled with lively crowds. If you are a beach person, it is good news that you are just a short drive away from some of the best beaches in France from Lille. 


The average cost of living in Lille with rent is € 1390 per month. 


In the southeastern part of France, Grenoble is one of the country’s most affordable places to live. It is surrounded by stunning mountains, making it ideal for nature lovers. Although Grenoble is less busy than some major cities like Paris, it is always bustling with people. Being affordable is the sweet deal of this place for people moving to France from other countries. 


The average cost of living in Grenoble with rent is € 1287 per month. 

Before You Go…

France is a beautiful country that many aspire to call home. The country’s e lifestyle, high-quality education and excellent employment opportunities attract people worldwide. While dreaming of living in France is appealing, planning the finances is crucial. 


Balancing a new life with maintaining a budget in a new country can be challenging. If you wish to send money to India from France, you can use a reliable and reputed fund transfer platform like Instarem. 


Instarem offers fair € to INR exchange rates without any hidden charges, aiding you in sending money from France or any corner of the world in a secure** and affordable# way. The mobile application of Instarem offers convenience and a chance to earn InstaPoints on frequent transfers. You can redeem these points to avail discounts on your future overseas transactions. 


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Q. Is it expensive to live in France?

Yes, it is expensive to live in France. However, the country is also known for its high standard of living and excellent education system. So, one can live in France with an average salary and sound budgeting. 


Q. How much money do you need to live in France?

An individual may require around € 12,000 per year to live comfortably in France, and a family of four might need approximately € 41,000 per year to cover their living expenses. 


Q. How much does it cost for international students to live in France?

An international student might require € 11,00 to € 2000 per month to live comfortably in France while studying. However, they can also get part-time jobs to earn extra cash and make living easier. 


Q. Is it cheaper to live in Sydney or France?

According to Numbeo, the cost of living in Sydney is 1% lower than in Paris, France (without rent). The difference is marginal. 


Q. What is the average room rent in France?

The average rent for a bedroom in France is € 453 per month, and the average rent for a house is € 1,044. However, the price can vary depending on the city and other factors. 


Q. What is the cost of living in France per month?

The cost of living in France can be between € 950 and € 4,000 per month, depending on whether you live alone or with family. Factors like location in the city and average income also affect the cost of living. 


Q. How much is the cost of living in France for a couple?

The cost of living in France for a couple can vary depending on the city and location they decide to live in. Factors like daily expenses, groceries, lifestyle habits, entertainment, transportation, and other fees also affect the cost of living. If a couple wants to live comfortably in France, they need between € 1000 and € 2000 per month. 


Q. What is the cost of living in France for a single person?

The cost of living in France for a single person can be approximately € 1420 per month and 17,040 € per year. 


Q. What is the cost of living in France for a family?

The approximate cost of living in France for a family of four is around € 3519 per month, € 42,228 per year. 


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